Carrots taking baths, happy robots and flying pigs with boots?  You’ve just entered the fantastical world of ONYN Creative Collective, and its only getting better and more out of this world.  Based out of East London, this dynamic group of artists have been producing vibrant, imaginative works since 2012.  Within the past six months, this acclaimed collective has sold over 2,000 works globally, inspiring more individuals to connect with their wonderful, inventive characters and this growing world of ONYN!

Their growing 2013 collection of robot canvases certainly appeals not only to the recent popularity of robot imagery, but also to everyone’s inner robot as well.  Many of us have entertained the idea of being a robot at some point, and the ONYN series features bold, energetic canvases of skate boarder bots, roboticized waiters and bots enjoying a bubble bath! Their recent series’ have shown a marked growth in style and varied subject matter, but have continued with the same light-hearted essence they started with.

As with their imagined interpretations of robotics, the collective also tapped into another pop cultural love, ice cream!  While this series was created early on, the ONYN ice cream series exhibits the collective’s masterful ability to bring universal emotions to the simplest, sweetest of things, like delicious ice cream cones with sprinkles.  Featuring a summer’s day cone with shades, and angry one left out in the rain and some soft-serve skipping rope, this delightful collection is definitely a signature series of collective’s 12’ beginnings.

The ONYN composition focuses on a powerful singular subject and doesn’t bother with additional background scenery or complicated narrative.  As vibrant color meets negative space, these characters truly shine and exude an undeniable, carefree mood.  ONYN is unapologetic in their love for playful art, for it channels that childhood fascination that inspires artists to realize their dreams.  While some artists turn their back on the lost era of make-believe, the ONYN collective embraces this whimsical aesthetic and continues to unlock its visual possibilities.

Next selling show 2nd May through to 5th May 2013 at a Pop-up Gallery in Spitalfields Market, London E1 6AA, United Kingdom

FOR MORE:  www.onyn.com OR www.facebook.com/Love.ONYN