Rain covered sidewalks, dim lighting, bar stools, and a local brew sound like a great night-add to that the harmonious and ultra mellow tunes of the duo, Oakes & Smith and the night is now complete . Intimate, genuine thoughts have been brought out into the open on Oakes & Smith’s debut album, First Flight. Whether they are playing an outdoor festival or inside a noisy bar, Oakes & Smith have the ability to bring a sense of calm and ease to the air.

Katherine Smith and Robert Oakes are compliments of each other as much whip cream is to homemade pumpkin pie. Smith, who contributes to the duo with her mesmerizing vocals and fretted dulcimer explains, “We were drawn together primarily because we understood each other’s artistic vision, and we’re lucky that we also found love. We’re only beginning to scratch the surface.” There is something so beautiful and real about Oakes & Smith-something that only explainable after truly feeling and listening to the music. Many art folk bands exist; yet, Oakes & Smith are one of the few that can actually change the vibe in the air.

Since getting their start in 2010-Oakes & Smith have been playing gigs and shows in cafes, bars, festivals and art centers. Oakes & Smith have opened and toured with HuDost, The Yoga Jubilee Festival, and the Made in the Berkshires Festival and many others. First Flight is just the beginning for this duo-who currently lives in Tyringham, MA-which has been a musical inspiration for both Oakes, (whose talents include his soothing vocals, guitar, percussion, bamboo flute, synth, and piano abilities) and Smith. Their new home is the locale for Smith’s paintings (of course, they’re amazing!), writing, and collaboration with other artists who help add to their music.

First Flight, is just the beginning for this good-timey-vibes duo. With songs so full of wisdom and true emotions, Oakes & Smith are unstoppable. Just like their poetry-influenced lyrics, Oakes & Smith will keep moving forward and continue to grow and mature in their musical abilities and will become much bigger. True artists like Oakes & Smith have been pushed by life and have successfully pushed back, which brings them to the top in the music industry. First Flight is a true representation of what real, pure, talent should sound like.



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