New York’s David Jiang Is Giving You A Reason To SMILE!


Born and raised right here in New York, David Jiang is the CEO and Founder of SMILE, a CBD gummy product that is giving people “A Reason To Smile”! David, who now lives and runs his company out of California, has turned his start-up into a high demand product, with consumers loving his gummy products that are all custom made into fun molds and come in three different formulations to help energize, balance and unwind throughout your day.
The Levity Ball sat down with David to find out more about his transition into the CBD industry and move to the warmth of California, and why SMILE is helping to change people’s lives on a daily basis….
1. Tell us how you came up with the idea to form SMILE, and why that specific name?

I’ve always been interested in nutrition, health and fitness, and it was a no-brainer to join the CBD industry because it has so much potential for growth. I was also attracted to the fact that the industry is creating a positive impact in the world by providing people a healthier alternative to unhealthy prescription drugs to take care of things like: anxiety, stress, muscle aches, pain, and sleep. With SMILE, I wanted to create a brand that had the highest quality products, but that was also fun, uplifting and approachable. Let’s be honest… for most people, their association with taking vitamins started when our parents forced us to take gross-tasting vitamins as kids. As adults with busy schedules, it’s not only hard to remember to take our vitamins, but it’s not the most enjoyable process when we do take them. I wanted people to look forward to taking SMILE products.

2. You were born and raised right here in Queens, how has the switch been to now living in sunny (and warm) California?

It’s been a breeze. I always felt like I had a cold during the winter living in New York, so the transition to living in California has been an easy one. I do sometimes miss New York City’s fast paced environment, but the work culture in California is definitely a better fit for me.

3. What about Queens and New York City in general do you miss the most? Where were some of your favorite spots in town?

I miss being able to walk outside of my house to the store and pick up literally anything I needed. Everything was so convenient. A few places you could usually catch me were: The Dig Inn right down the street, chipotle around the corner, Joe & The Juice the block over.

4. You went from being the founder of, a very popular digital marketing company, to now being the CEO of a CBD company. Why the change of industries?

CBD is the future and when I enter a new venture I have to be 150% focused on it. I loved running Waverly and still consult from time to time, but I wanted to take a bold step in a new direction and it was the right time to join the CBD space while it’s still in its infancy and ripe for growth.

5. What do you hope customers experience when enjoying your gummy products? And why do you feel your products should be used as a daily supplement that should be integrated within a person’s daily routine?

I want our customers to look forward to taking our products. The feedback so far has been exceedingly positive and we’re told that our products taste delicious and work extremely well. They are a multivitamin and meant to be taken daily for the best results.

6. Your company also values “purpose.” What do you feel your company’s purpose truly is?

We want to become known as “the trusted” CBD brand. Each and every ingredient that goes into our products is of the highest quality. Every detail of the brand has been carefully considered and designed in an appealing way, to change people’s perception of taking a vitamin product. From our branding to our mouth-watering flavors and marketing, there’s no question in my mind that SMILE is going to positively disrupt the industry.

7. What is your advice to others looking at starting their own company or getting into the cannabis space like you have?

You need to have a product your consumers will love and can’t get enough of. You need a product so good that people promote it to others for free! And in order to do that, you need to spend a lot of time figuring out who your customer is and what they want. We carefully selected each ingredient that goes into our products and taste-tested hundreds of flavors before settling on our favorite 5.

8. Where can us New Yorkers grab your products?

You can find them online at – We wanted to make it fast and easy for customers to check them out and buy.

9. What is the ultimate goal for SMILE?

We want to make our products memorable, so that when people think of CBD they think of our products. We’ve already had so much positive response from customers who have told us that SMILE has changed their lives. People say they’re sleeping better, have less anxiety and that our products taste delicious. Our name SMILE, is truly reflective our mission to help people live their best lives. It makes us smile knowing that our customers are.

10. What do you want your company to be remembered for years down the line when people look back at how it all started?

We want to become known as the company that changed the everyday person’s perception of CBD. People can be skeptical towards new products, especially natural ones that work really well. We understand that. We want our customers to experience the amazing benefits that taking CBD daily can bring to their lives. We want it to be the friendliest, most approachable and trusted brand of CBD on the market. We want you to SMILE! =)