What would you do if someone offered you a safe solution to get the most out of your brain power and unlock your mind’s potential?! Well, there is now a solution on the market and available here in New York called Noobru!... and even Olympic winners are using it!

Noobru is the brainchild of bio-hacking enthusiast Martyn Cook. After years of using various supplements, Martyn became sick of downing countless capsules each day just to achieve his ultimate stack. After months of testing, tasting and trialling, the Noobru powder was created. The product’s bespoke combination (Stack) of complementary ingredients are designed to boost focus, concentration and memory, which in turn enhances your physical and mental performance.

The Levity Ball spoke with Martyn about this incredible product that he formed overseas in Andover, Hampshire, but has since expanded to the United States and right here in town.

When did the idea of creating Noobru happen?

It’s been in the works for a long time! Probably the idea started forming back in 2013 when I first discovered Nootropics. You see, I’ve long been a believer and practitioner in Life/Bio-Hacking — with the goal of getting more output for the same amount input. When I stumbled across Nootropics, over a decade ago, it was an exciting new world – the thought of being able to get more out of your brain, every day – wow! The possibilities felt endless.

This path had me experimenting, like a human guinea pig, with all kinds of Nootropics – gradually learning the pros and cons of each – leading to formulating a perfect (at least for me) ’stack’ (this is the name given to a combination of different ingredients taken together)… Most days I was taking a fist full of different nootropic pills, which isn’t a fun experience. It was time consuming to open all the pill bottles, and the dose of each nootropic was limited by whatever amount was in the pill.

I then began to learn that actually pills aren’t very efficient, studies have shown that as much as half of what you take in pill form isn’t actually absorbed – it just becomes expensive urine. Whereas in liquid form, we can absorb almost 100%!

This was the beginning of the journey for me – I teamed up with a medical doctor and set out to make a better nootropic, the perfect, safe amount of effective ingredients that are consumed as a drink, taste delicious and work together to give you an advantage. I opted to serve them in eco-friendly, single-serve sachets so they were super convenient and easy to take with you on the go.

Your product promises to help create clarity, help people to focus and give the brain everything it needs to reach its peak performance. What specifically in your product does this and what results have you been seeing in regards to these three areas?

Our hero product – Noobru Advantage contains 11 clinically studied ingredients – there are literally hundreds or thousands of clinical studies on each of these ingredients that demonstrate their effectiveness.

The secret is really in the amounts of each ingredient and how they synergistically work together to provide maximum benefit. For example, there are amazing ingredients out there which could provide a lot of benefit, but struggle to cross the blood-brain-barrier. So we include ingredients that help carry these other ingredients to the brain – where they can be utilised for cognitive benefit.

We also include ingredients such as Black Pepper Extract, which increases the absorption rate of all the ingredients in the mix, and awesome Choline sources such as CDP Choline – which serves as a kind of “fuel” for the brain, ensuring it continues to perform at a higher capacity.

Essentially, enhanced brain performance, whether that’s Focus, Memory, Recall, Endurance, Motivation, Creativity or Performance – is beneficial to anyone who has a brain! We’re excited to help our customers be successful in whatever it is that is important to them.

Your product also gives back to the world in a big way charity wise, with a goal is to fortify 1 Billion meals by 2025. Can you explain how you are doing this?

This is something I am SO proud of! Actually, via my brand – Smarter Destiny and especially through our podcast – Smarter Destiny Podcast – where I interview successful digital founders to extract what they do differently to succeed”- we talk about the responsibility that all entrepreneurs have – which is to 1) be successful (of course) but 2) to leverage that success to make the world better. We call it being “An Enlightened Entrepreneur” – and it means that your company, through its success should make a positive impact on the world as a whole.

So of course, Noobru has had a charitable component baked in from the very beginning. With every purchase, we fortify the meals of at least one child, for at least a year. We’re taking on the global malnourishment problem, which effects 2 Billion People. Our mission is to fortify 1 Billion Meals by 2025 – that is our core focus right now, but I’m excited to set our sights on challenges such as Climate Change, and plastic production — for the latter, we are already a zero-plastic company – our products are all packaged in eco-friendly materials.

You have had professional athletes and Olympic winners all using your product. What about it simply sets it apart from others on the market?

We’ve tried dozens of Nootropics products over the years. One thing that always frustrated me was the format they were delivered in – Pills. No-one enjoys taking pills, and if you ever see someone taking pills you would assume that they are sick, rather than trying to enhance themselves somehow.

When I dug a little deeper into pills, I uncovered studies showing that pills aren’t actually all that effective. These studies showed that only up to 50% of the active ingredients in pills are actually absorbed by the body! That means that more than 50% of the ingredients just become expensive urine! Wow!

The truth is, we don’t pay a lot of attention to competitors. Our focus is on creating world-class products that are safe, effective and taste delicious. Our products are in powder form that you add to water – that means you drink them! Why is that important? Well, our body absorbs liquid MUCH better than pills, and we start absorbing those awesome ingredients much faster too, typically within 10-20 minutes! Simply put, you can throw one of our single-serving, eco-friendly packets of Noobru into your pocket or bag and drink them whenever you need the boost most!

Here in New York, we were hit by COVID-19 badly like other places. A key thing doctors say now is for people to build their immunity. How does your product help with this specifically?

When Covid hit, we knew we needed to step up and do are part to help. For us, that meant working closely with our in-house Doctor and formulating a powerful immunity support, nootropic drink — We launched it in May this year – it’s called Noobru Shield and we’re so proud of how it came out.

The thinking was that if we could combine ingredients that support the immune system, with ingredients that enhance the performance of the brain – we’ve created something pretty remarkable. I imagined a product that you could quickly drink, if you were feeling under the weather, or otherwise wanting to take precautions – that not only leaves you feeling great (and protected) but actually helps you crush the day. We actually received a large wholesale order request from a German hospital just 2 weeks after launching it – that felt really good.

Have you had the opportunity to come here to New York? If so, where are some of your favorite places to visit in town?

I have indeed! Multiple times in fact. The first time it was bitterly cold, I remember wearing 2 pairs of trousers whilst walking through Central Park with my wife we ate delicious food and really embraced the visit as tourists.

The second time was in late summer, I represented our software company (Devjelly.com) at a Facebook conference.. in the evening I met up with my good buddy Daniel Snow at Uncle Jacks steaks house – we had an incredible meal — probably ate our own bodyweight that night!

What is your advice to those that want to create and start their own product/company?

My advice would be to focus on creating a product that provides value. Don’t focus on money – focus on creating something that genuinely improves the lives of your customers.

On top of that, be an Enlightened Entrepreneur! Find a charity or cause that you can support with your business from the very beginning. Be genuine, and pick a cause that really makes a difference in the world. Right now, I would suggest causes that fight climate change, reduce single-use plastic, plant trees or fight global malnutrition – these are big issues that are really important.

I talk about how to become an Enlightened Entrepreneur in my new book, that you can get for free here, and also on our podcast – Smarter Destiny Podcast – where I interview successful founders of digital businesses with revenues in the 7 to 9 figure range — you can learn a lot from these people, well worth a listen on your commute to work, in the shower, gym or whilst walking the dog!

How can people here in New York get your product?

From our website – https://noobru.com – for US based customers, we send your order from our warehouse in Arizona — so it’s super fast… and we utilise contact-free delivery as much as possible!

What’s next for Noobru in 2020 and beyond product wise?

Our focus is on creating ‘functional drinks’ – that taste delicious, benefit some aspect of your brain – Motivation, Focus, Endurance, Memory, Recall, Creativity – and that can fit into the daily routines of our customers immediately. We’ve got some exciting products lined up that we are convinced will be game changers for our customers who use them.

We have a host of game-changing products coming up, all will have brain boosting elements, but more than that – they will each benefit an important area of your ’bodily health’ – join our newsletter if you want to be in the loop with these developments.

And final question: What do you want Noobru overall to be remembered for when people look back at your company and products you have created?

We’ve already had so many amazingly positive reports back from our customers, detailing how their lives have improved as result of becoming a Noobru-er.

In terms of how I’d like us to be remembered? For the positive impact we made on the lives of our customers and the millions of people we’ve helped through our charitable partnerships.