Nicky Romero has recently announced a visual and musical trilogy, and the idea will be to combine film and music in an enthralling new way. DJ music and dance has always been about the spectacle, and Romero led right into 2016 with the same ethos he has been touting for years. Nicky Romero erupted the crowd at the Pier 94 in New York City with a visual tour-de-force of radiance. All things absurd, insane, and bombastic, Romero proves that few other DJ’s could have captivated an audience in the same way. He made it just as much about the visuals as it was the strength of the backbeat.

Opening acts, The Chainsmokers and Ansolo, kept things exciting enough without breaking any walls.


The warehouse is 135,000 square feet, and Romero took advantage of every nook and cranny. Romero has the stage presence of almost any megastar DJ artist. Commanding each production over his comm-center-esque keyboard. But, the physical performance is rarely a component of the show. He propelled the show with gorgeous lighting set-ups, and the chilly though reasonably cool air kept the New Year entranced.

As an added treat, Travis Scott is blazing new trails in hip-hop. His association with the Weeknd hasn’t hurt, but it was his brash attitude and dedication to hitting every syllable in stringed complicated raps that was admirable. Considering the crowd was just there to dance and drink, it was more than he ever needed to provide.

In all, the New Year is always a time to celebrate freshness. It can be reflective while also being loud. Romero managed to craft a visually enthralling show. So when the majority of the audience was caught smashed up against others, avoiding alcohol dripping upon their shoulders, and bobbing to the tunes, a handful of audience members were staring up at the ceiling, reflecting on the year with gloriously brilliant strobes, beams, and textured lights. Romero’s music moved with the beat of the sky.