DON QUIXOTE, the album is inspired by the fable which pits the curiosity of one, who finds a suit or armor. Blessed with special powers as a result, he takes to the task of redeeming chivalry, at all costs. In an analogous manner, the groups’ album title choice has real life meaning. Lead Singer Jeff Ting, a Cornell graduate from Western Mass, took the leap of faith in following his dreams. After graduating he moved to the Mecca, NEW YORK CITY, in hopes of launching his recording career. Inspired by the creativity which exists in every inch of the city that never sleeps; the Big Apple has become his muse.

A love for classical music, and piano play turned to affection for the electric guitar which opened up doors to a different side of music that once was unknown to him. This newly found passion prompted Jeff to begin writing songs to share his views and perspective with anyone that would listen.  What was needed was an alliance- from that need was born, MAYDAY RADIO.

Marking the influence of legendary collectives such as U2, and Pearl Jam, and Coldplay, Mayday Radio has branded itself with musical offerings which center on a wide range of topics from capitalism to religion, poverty, and human rights.  Their ultimate goal, which they have never wavered about, is indeed social progress and uplift.  In their lyrics you can find an overtone of assessment, of the human race and its pitfalls; not just a part of the problem, Mayday Radio seeks to provide answers for the solution(s).

The ever-conscious duo’s music can be heard on MTV, while also garnering critical acclaim, with licensing deals with E! and Oxygen Networks as well.  On their resume of accomplishments are accolades such as: Songdoor Songwriting competition (2009), and received Honorable Mention by NY Songwriters Circle (2010). With their buzz and success, stages across the country have become their stomping ground, with sold out shows from New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall, Cake Shop, Bowery Poetry Club, The Bitter End and more to Boston’s famous stages of Harper’s Ferry, Great Scott, All Asia and more.

Impressed as of yet? Well you should be. If by chance, you are not, try DON QUIXOTE on for size:

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MayDaY Radio’s “Don Quixote”

Be Sure to Catch MayDay Radio at these upcoming stops on their Fall Tour:

Nov 11 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY
Nov 16 – The Cantab Lounge – Cambridge, MA
Nov 23 – The Thirsty Mind – South Hadley MA
Nov 28 – The Barking Spider – Cleveland, OH
Nov 30 – The Elbo Room – Chicago, IL
Dec 04 – Merge – Buffalo, NY
Dec 05 – Sparky Town – Syracuse, NY
Dec 06 – The Wonderland Ballroom – Washington DC
Dec 07 – The Midtown Scholar – Harrisburg, PA
Dec 08 – Common Grounds – Philadelphia, PA