Don’t worry about your shaky hands anymore! In the day and age where anyone can quickly become a videographer / photographer, finding a way to take the best shots becomes very important. Whether you are at a baseball game, climbing an awesome mountain, or just trying to record your son play soccer and score that game-winning goal, there is truly a need for a stabilization device that won’t ruin the moment you are trying to capture no matter how fast the action is happening.

Introducing: The Freevision VILTA (, a 3-axis gimbal designed to work with GoPro cameras and provide outstanding stability in a compact and customizable package. With the VILTA, you can quickly film whatever you want using the handle, or snap it off and connect / mount it directly to any GoPro mount accessory such as a helmet.

The Levity Ball caught up with Freevision’s American General Manager and Marketing Exective Matt Huang to quickly find out more about the product that is innovating the video stabilization marketplace…

What are the four main things that make the Freevision VILTA superior and different to other similar products?

Stability. Performance. Diversity. Durability.

What has the consumer feedback been so far upon launching the product here in the USA?

The feedback from retailers has been OUTSTANDING, hence we are able to break into so many merchants within such a short amount of time.

What types of environments and situations are best to use the Freevision VILTA in?

We are a LIFESTYLE Brand. We tailor from Extreme Sports to Non-Extreme, tagging onto the GoPro Heo 4 & 5 to start. Whether you are a part of a family with kids on a camping trip, at a baseball game, first performance, beach volleyball game, social gathering, backyard entertainment, first skateboarding experience, running, jogging, mountain biking, etc., you can bring your Freevision VILTA with you to use!

What upcoming features, technology and add-ons can we look forward to seeing with the Freevision company?

We will have a new model that will be compatible with a majority of action camera & smart phones, followed by DSLR and other professional equipment.

What is the average starting price for the VILTA product here in the United States?


And final question: What do you personally want people to remember about the Freevision VILTA after experiencing it?

We want people to walk away knowing that they have just experienced the most stable stabilizer and the best gimbal in the market!

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