Pearl Jam’s last studio release was in 2009 with their slick return to form, Backspacer. Aptly titled, the album honed in on what makes Pearl Jam an amazing mainstream talent after a string of lackluster critical records.

Pearl Jam hope to continue their legendary rock status into the new decade, hoping to have their new record out within a year. 

When asked about the release, the groups guitarist, Stone Gossard, said “We really want to finish a record this year. It’s now between half and three quarters done, but we got some new material and we’re excited about hopefully doing some more work on that later in the year.”

No release date is confirmed for the record, but Gossard said that Pearl Jam hope it will be out in the first half of 2013, “if all goes according to plan.”

 We wait patiently for new music from the group. In the meantime, front man Eddie Vedder is recovering from a recent back injury that forced him to cancel a slew of dates in 2011. Gossard did hint at new shows for 2012.  “We’re going to try to play a little bit more this year… Not too much, but a few things.”


Expect a relatively quiet year from Pearl Jam as their gear up for their next album, tentatively scheduled for spring 2013.



Image Source, 2012 Europe Tour Promotional, Pearl Jam