T.I. is all over the map. Prison. Not prison. Acting. Reality TV. Prison again. T.I’s long awaited new album, Trouble Man has been delayed again to Summer 2012. This is the third delay, the first being to February 2012, then to April, now tentatively scheduled for Summer.

The last time we saw T.I. was for 2010’s No Mercy, which was released just before T.I.’s second mainstream incarceration for weapon possession. The album was originally meant to be titled “King Uncaged,” but was changed to No Mercy considering the circumstances. To be fair, it has a better ring to it than “King Recaged.”

The aptly titled ‘Trouble Man’ is expected to have production from Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, and Kanye West, among others. Their are no confirmed guests as of now, but B.O.B appeared on a previous single “We Don’t Get Down Like Ya’ll” but that song has been suggested to not appear on the new album.

T.I. released a mixtape featuring called “F*** Tha City Up” featuring 2 Chainz, Nelly, and Young Jeezy late last year to help promote Trouble Man for an early 2012 release. 

“Love this Life” was recently released as the first official single for the album, a slower sexier style T.I. track.

Listen to the track below, and stay tuned into new info related to the new album:


Image Source, T.I. Promotional, 2010