Netflix has officially rocked out. Having added just under 100 music performances to their streaming library, the service went from 1 great performance to, well, 101. Pointedly, we have performances from the Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Jay-Z, and ZZ Top. The Beatles are in there too, making for one of the most well-rounded and varied single genre inclusions the service has seen.

Netflix offers its streaming service for only $7.99 a month. In light of arising difficulties in torrenting and the appeal of streaming through other platofmrs such as your television and Xbox 360, Netflix has gathered a massive following of dedicated users. Yet the low price point makes the service wavering in their abilityto acquire licenses for streaming contnet. There recent contract ended with Starz, forcing the service to remove hundreds of films and popular Starz series off their film listing.

Enjoy cruising Netflix for musc performances. Perhaps in the future we will see live streaming and a greater presence of music related content. One can only hope.


Image Source, Gizmodo Netflix Media Cover, 2012