Fans can rejoice. Alas we have the return of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Or should I say the PROPER return of the eponymous solo music master and the legendary band that helped craft some of his richest material.

‘Psychedelic Pill’ marks the collaborative first new material since 2003’s album “Greendale.’ No, I am not forgetting about the Neil Young and Crazy Horse album ‘Americana’ which came out May 2012. It was a collection of covers of classic folk and rock songs, as interpreted by the band and front man. But that is a far cry from a whole new collection of new material. Even further, ‘Psychedelic Pill’ is a double album. The album is set for release October 30th, and will feature an opening track called ‘Driftin Back’ which clocks in at just under a half hour.

The album is shaping up to be a country-prog epic, totaling about two hours. The band is expected to go on a brief tour following this release, considering their tour cycle this year (2012) has been lackluster at best.

  1. “Driftin’ Back” – 27:36
  2. “Psychedelic Pill” -3:26
  3. “Ramada Inn” -16:49
  4. “Born inOntario-3:49
  5. “Twisted Road” -3:28
  6. “She’s Always Dancing” -8:33
  7. “For the Love of Man” -4:13
  8. “Walk Like a Giant” -16:27