Front man Kevin Shields has recently hinted at a new My Bloody valentine, with no confirmed or speculated release date. The last release from the group was their classic critically acclaimed LP, Loveless, in 1991. Yes, THAT 1991. Count the years- it has certainly been awhile.

Shields has been slowly hinting at a new record since the group’s reunion in 2008, and he has stated openly he has been spinning material he has recorded over the last decade for inclusion on the album. 

He had this to say in a recent interview:

I’m just finishing a record that I had started in the 90s. I’ve always said that we were going to make a record again, you never know, we might finish it really quickly, and it might be up in a few months! I tend to work really quickly, suddenly, and I might be willing to do that right now. We’ll see!

He went on to confirm that the whole group is involved with the recording. Yes, Shields has been teasing the thing for quite a long time, but many close to him are speculating that he is really cracking down on getting the production finished. Shields is notoriously picky, having scrapped material over the years that could have been released.

My Bloody Valentine is releasing remastered versions of their LP’s, 1991’s classic Loveless and the more unknown Isn’t Anything from 1988. The group are also releasing an e.p collection that puts their e.p release spanning 1988-1991 in a double disc physical form.

One needs to say that perhaps this recent update is to bring extra attention to the new remasters, and I wouldn’t put it pass Shields to scrap all the material and go on a hiking trip through Europe. Eek.

 Image Source: Kevin Shields, June 2008. Roundhouse, London