Muse dropped a trailer for their upcoming album, The 2nd Law. There was a lot of melodrama, political undertones, and, of all things, hardcore dubstep. I can’t exactly say that going dubstep is a horrible idea. Korn did it in late 2011 and brought a bit more attention to their staggering career, and Skrillex, one of the world’s biggest artists (for now), is pure dubstep and purely topping charts.

Muse’s lead single for the album mysteriously lacks any dubstep or bass drops or cliché dubbing archetypes. But what it lacks in “WOHWOH” pedal bars it makes up for in purely bombastic energy. This is far less surprising considering the new song is meant to be the theme song to the upcoming Olympic Games. Considering that the Olympics are the be-all of bombastic massive achievements of Rocky II proportions, the song works brilliantly.

Muse front man, Matt Bellamy, channels the likes of mid-career Queen this way of Freddie Mercury, and the mantras of “winning” and “competition” like no other. The song beckons a cataclysmic success against all odds. Let’s just hope the final album balances out the cheesy energy with the dubstep for something that can be considered too ridiculous to EVER BE TOPPED.