A Thrill Without The Chill…

Music student Reiga ( Sabrina Dickens ) studies for her final exams. On her 21st birthday she experience’s flashbacks of her deceased parents. Emotionally confused and irrational she strives to rediscover her suppressed memory. She is revisited by an illusion of herself as a small child, whom it seems, is to help her remember.

The plot Is heightened by the introduction of Polly ( The excellent Jan Anderson ) aided by Dr.Tom (John Altman ) whose aim is to lead her away, by hook or by crook from discovering the truth.

The use of songs is quite unique in driving the story. However, the plot at times could have benefitted by slowing, giving Reiga a chance to breathe.

More creative use of camera angles/shots would have added the much needed chill element.

The ending left me wondering if there is more to come.

CONCLUSION: With a knockout music soundtrack and recent success at festivals

Maybe… Just maybe… This could have legs.