2012 is quickly wrapping it up, but there is still a whole slew of new music awaiting a later 2012 release. The below albums may not shake the foundation of music, nor will they sill a few million copies, but these albums are not getting the buzz they rightfully deserve considering the respective artists/groups’ track record.

Pinback- Information Retrieved

Pinback has, and will likely always be, just two guys who love music. Their under produced and minimalist sound has grown and expanded over the years, but has still always been quite quaint and touching. Their latest album was in 2007 and was lead by the relatively popular single “Good to Sea.” It was good to see Pinback back at it, and Information Retrieved is shaping up to be an extension of who and what Pinback has been perfecting since the late 90’s.

Due- October 16th

Andrew Bird- Break it Yourself

Andrew bird has been at it so long, and so consistently delivered throughout the years, it is hard to get REALLY excited for a new album. It’s only been a few years since his last foray into his odd mix of classical, acoustic, and pop, and Break it yourself is expected to be another quality release of sincere, breathtaking, and most importantly, fun, acoustic pop jams- of course with Bird’s fanciful vocal work leading and gliding between every hook.

Due- October 30th

Azaelia Banks- Broke With Expensive Taste

This long delayed debut album from Azealia Banks will either live up to the blog-expanded hype or fall flat or blow up in everyone’s faces. Banks has little material behind her as far as quantity, but a string of excellent songs makes her debut studio album all the more anticipated. Her breakthrough song “212” is a long way gone (about 6 months, so in music, basically a decade) so the buzz has died for her album which probably should have been released months prior. It’ll be ready when it’s ready.

Due- TBD

Teen Daze- The Inner Mansions

The chill wave movement, popularized recently by groups such as Neon Indian, Washed Out, and that guy with the hair, is taken a step back in 2012. Here is to hoping ‘Teen Daze’ can move the sound in a positive new direction. Extremely hipster and extremely lo-fi, ‘Teen Daze’ is gained his popularity largely through an absolutely phenomenal remix of ‘Bon Iver’s song “Perth(he won an award for it- seriously). For what it’s worth, the songs available now from the artist are chilly, haunting, and uplifting, all over the course of three minutes. Superb stuff.

Due- November 6th