I went through a year-long phase where gardening became an actually thing I do. I planted flowers that I was told would be y g mistakes, and maintained it throughout each major season. And each major season saw a few of my wonderful plants die because one plant grew too large and did what any unreasonable plant would do- it took up all the space.

10286846_10152463954387863_9070115030653602489_oMy little garden is a representation of the passage of time in some weird circular way. For when the fall season hit the trees changed form and when the winter passed my flowers sprung back to vitality. The morning birds chanted after a long winter, and the seasons continued on as if the first day of spring is the real beginning of the year.

Ambient/electronic group ‘The Morning Birds’ love this idea of time passing and what the seasons represent in their aesthetic balance and beauty. The group took down-tempo to progressively wonderful new heights in an EP that collected one original, “Bloom,” and four remixes of this original each one in the theme of a season.

Because of these confined tones, each song is so very unique and identity-forming. The group collaborated with various electronic artists to help captivate listeners and sustain the integrity of their theme. What resulted was a brilliant release, one that stands for every symbolic aspect of time passing.

Even in the depths of winter one can find a humbling beauty, and this is perfectly apparent in Invisible Saves Her Soul remix of “Bloom,” dubbed “Winter Bloom.” The pulsating breathe of the song is what first captures your attention. But the song whisks blissfully through its airy world, weaving throughout the hollow trees and breaking down at just the right moment to admire the snowfall.

This is followed up by “Spring Bloom” by remix artists Knife & Fork Still Hungry. The remix is not your traditional ‘spring themed’ mix, yet it manages to feel as so. It does not bring this fluttering butterfly sound of awakening after a long rest. The song is softer, smarter, and more percussion heavy than the very big flute-like sounds that mire a lot of ‘spring’ songs. But it manages to be the perfect continuation of the “Winter Bloom” remix.

The Morning Birds do not close their EP with spring, choosing instead to round out their year with a return to the gritty fall. And it is an entrancing piece of work. “Fall Bloom” is a lot more trip hop-inspired than the other tunes on the release, which fits the theme of fall reflection poignantly.

My garden remains alive throughout the stages of the year. And just as The Morning Birds explore how our mind fits our environment, my garden is resilient enough to know that every summer there is a winter- every ying there is a yang.