Dance pop will never ever go away and we couldn’t be happier for it. Through the decade of pop extravagance and excess (80’s), to the super manufactured and dirty pop of the following decade (90’s) we slowly find music moving through stages of the genre that remains the pulse of the Billboard charts. Pop music now merges R&B and hip-hop elements against saccharine-sweet female vocals. Mon-Ami electrifies in her breakthrough single ‘Electrifying.’

Mon-Ami showcases a retro club music video to accompany the single. The video displays her dancing ability and club sense, as she navigates the floor with glamorous ease. At a perfected 3 and a half minutes, the single goes through all the traditional pop elements. Though this seems a bit manufactured (all pop is, don’t kid yourself) it only means the song is perfectly capable of doing exactly what it sets out to do. When it comes to great dance pop, the only real measure of quality is in the hooks and the famed ‘catchiness.’ ‘Electrifying’ gets people moving. Its hook is primed for longevity and set to pop up as you walk down the street, shop for groceries, listen to other songs, and watch television. Its catchiness is immediate and inescapable. The best way to fight that is listen to the thing on loop a handful of times, and then enjoy the inevitable slew of remixes that follow any excellent pop hit.

Popularity is a fickle and obnoxious thing. For what it is worth, ‘Electrifying’ could front-end the best Rihanna album, no problem at all. Though Mon-Ami lacks the global popularity of that particular pop diva, she has that charm and sensual sense about the music and herself that makes her a pop mini-star to watch. In time, she may blossom into someone far more successful. In the meantime, a modest audience remains enchanted by the pulsating beepboop rhythm of the single- plugging along at 4/4 and accompanying party lyrics, rambunctious group dancing, and primed for club remixing.

Mon-Ami complements her music ability and beauty with a helping of intelligence. She is obtaining a Bachelors of Arts and has along history as a performer in many musical theaters. Match that against her pop charm, and she could be an unmistakable victor of the dance pop scene in the years to come.


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