Country music star Michael Monroe Goodman has been selling out headlining performances at Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, the Grand Ole Opry House stage, Chicago Motor Speedway Nascar race and many other locations, but before all these, he was starring on Broadway right here in New York City… The country singer was a part of the Broadway production of Million Dollar Quartet, along with other various productions around the New York region.

With his latest single “Only If It’s With You” climbing the charts and being added to playlists around the nation, The Levity Ball sat down with Michael to learn more about his Broadway roots and life today during the pandemic.

When did you know that you wanted to go into music?

I sang in church as a young teen and knew i could sing but everyone in my family could so I didn’t realize at first it was anything special. When I began singing in school musicals that’s when the bug got me. I had it in my head that I would go to Juilliard and then be the next Michael Crawford. However after high school my southern roots caught up with me and I started writing country music.

Here in New York you were a part of the Broadway production cast of Million Dollar Quartet… how was that experience performing on Broadway?

Being part of Million Dollar Quartet was amazing. It really turned my life upside down. I had no idea that my passion for guitar and early rock n roll would ever land me the opportunity to be part of such an amazing production. I got to go on the national tour for a bit and loved being in the Broadway sit down in Chicago for two years. It was the best show and the audience response was out of this world. I miss the show so much.

What changed your mind from staying here in New York and Broadway?

I toyed with idea of anchoring in New York. The thought of constant auditioning and workshopping was tempting but I was curious if I could break into tv and film in LA. I love all the different formats of storytelling. I kind of needed to see every facet of entertainment to learn as much as I could. I hope to one day be back in New York producing one of my original musicals.

With the pandemic changing the music scene, how have you been adapting?

I did the live-streaming thing for a bit and was able to pay a few bills with tips and merch sales. After that me and the wife decided to road trip and see the beautiful USA. We drove through thirteen states and made the best of it. Along the way i scouted lots of venues and it helped me connect with them to bring my band out on a tour later down the road.

COVID-19 has hit us New Yorkers hard since the start. What advice would you give to those struggling during these times?

Well it further reminded me of where I need to hang my hat of peace. When things seem uncertain It reminds me that God is in control and there is no need to worry. He can take the bad and use it for good even if we cant imagine how that’s possible with everything right now. It has reminded me to hang on close to family and community and ask how Can I be there for others. As trying as it was for me I felt fortunate cause I knew others had it much worse.

Tell us about your latest single and how it came to be during these times?

I wrote this song couple years ago and couldn’t wait to record it. I have never been a big party monster myself but I had my foolish mishaps as most youth do. One day this question hit me. What happens when those life of the party people settle down with a wife and kids. Surely they still got some oats left to sew and hey, as long they are doing it with their partner whats the harm you know. As I started writing the song it turned into a painting of “Epic Night” ,the morning after.

When you come back to New York yourself, what are your favorite things to do personally?

I’m such a tourist. I always hit up Greys Papaya on 72. Those hot dogs are the best if I say so. I cant pass up strolling through Central Park and I usually look for some old building or museum I haven’t been to yet. Every old landmark has a great story and I cant wait to discover it. I do my best to see a Broadway show. I have yet to see a Yankees game but that would be priority numero uno next time for sure.

And final question: What do you want to be remembered for overall when people look back at you, your music and your impact on this world?

I love real country music and I hope it shows. I hope I can bring light into someone else’s world. If all the hard work I put into music helps anyone who is lost, or brings solace to some broken person then it was all worth it. If any of my songs or my performances can help a person in a time of need, then that is all I could ask for. Its not about me, I’m just one of the many broken human beings trying my best. God gave me a gift and I just hope I honor him by making music that serves people.