Some people are born to be actors, some people are born to be directors, producers, and some people are born to be writers, singers, poets, recording artists, musicians, and comedians. And then there are some people who are born to do all these things; and not only do them but do them exceptionally well. One such person is Michael McGlone.

Whether as Patrick McMullen in his film debut in the Eddie Burns film The Brothers McMullen or in the posture of his unique, film-noir presentation as the hard-boiled rhetorical Geico spokesperson, Michael has reliably delivered the ironic balance of versatility and authenticity known to great actors. His most recent on CBS’s Person of Interest as Detective Bill Szymanksi is only one of numerous exemplars, McGlone’s career includes not only appearances on the big and small screen, but writing for both; in addition, he is a novelist, a poet, a singer, performer, musician, recording artist, director and producer. Having written several novels, albums of his songs and Music, collections of poetry as well as maintaining an active, and sometimes rigorous schedule of exercise, including Boxing, one sometimes wonders how McGlone has had the time to work on the various films and television shows he has appeared in, such as “She’s the One,” “The Bone Collector”, “The Kill Point,” “Crash,” “Dinner Rush,” and his latest and third feature film with Eddie Burns “The Fitzgerald Family Christmas.” But, McGlone finds the time. In his own words, when asked, of this, he says, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.” With a smile, he continues, “I ask a lot of myself and take pride in delivering results. I will not stop until I feel satisfied with them and that’s helpful, too.”


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The most recent results? The completion of his fourth self-produced record, a fifth novel, the upcoming release of a new film entitled Bind Pass, a special guest star appearance on the USA show Psych where he played Mitch Murray (a role written for him by producer Todd Harthan) and ongoing development of projects that, while he elegantly refuses to divulge more of, clearly occupy a lion’s share of his focus and energy…


Whatever these projects may be, I would certainly look forward to them…not only because McGlone indicates through his reticence there is an energy and expectation for them worth preserving, but because like himself, I can only imagine they will be dramatic, realized, rewarding, funny and ultimately, authentic.


Though hopelessly clichéic one must invoke the line: like a fine wine, Mr. McGlone gets better with every passing year…and as to what they may hold, I have heard there are some interested in a return of the Twilight Zone, with McGlone as host. I find this compelling, though perhaps not for the reason you imagine, as it is not for the reminder of Rod Serling McGlone gave us in his historical performances in the Geico commercials, but because like Serling was, it is easy to see McGlone in a new and exciting, groundbreaking Show, centered around him…

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