Mehran Moeinifar is the genius founder of the mobile application, Who’s On Now (http://www.whosonnow.com), that has taken North America by storm since its recent launch! 

Mehran, who is also in real estate and building, created the app. out of frustration at his Florida home when he needed an electrician ASAP and couldn’t find one. Now, not only does his app help users get an electrician at a moment’s notice, but it helps people connect with all services at the click of a button – you can even pay for the services through the app; whether it’s a plumber, guitar teacher, or painter, Who’s On Now is turning into the Uber of services.

The Levity Ball sat down with Mehran to find out more…

B1caFV6CEAAkQunHow did you first get the idea to create the Who’s On Now mobile app? 

One Saturday afternoon I needed an electrician and I Googled electricians like everyone would. I called 5 numbers and got different responses such as the Secretary would say we can send someone one Thursday while it was a Saturday, the number was no longer in service, answering service saying push 1 for this push 2 for that etc., so I thought why can’t there be an app where you type in electrician and it shows all the electricians close to you and I would then connect with that electrician immediately on his mobile phone. I searched and there wasn’t an app for it so Who’s On Now was born.

Who were some of your role models growing up and one’s today? 

Growing up Donald Trump because I love real estate development. But now, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs because they changed and continue to change the world.

What serviwon-phone-2ce on the app do you personally use the most?

I use the app for everything I need… unless it’s something that isn’t on there yet.

How does running a mobile app company differ from your past in real estate and building? 

It’s totally different; it’s my new found love!  It’s such a global industry where as building is more local. The fact that you can be the one that possibly will change the way consumers and businesses conduct business really excites me.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

This one pertains to real estate and it’s from my father:” You make money when you buy, not when you sell”

What is your advice to others looking at starting their own company or bring their “idea” to life? 

Regarding bringing their “idea” to life – Make sure it’s a good one! Haha! Because if it’s good then you get a lot of help. Regarding starting their own company – I have two – don’t focus on how to save money, focus on how to make money, and do something you love, cause then it won’t be work, it’ll be fun!

What does the future hold for Who’s On Now and yourself?

We like to keep growing and eventually be the one stop shop app for all you needs!  Just like our slogan says “Any Service Any Time”, for me to keep leading the team to the direction I know the world is headed!