AllStar Matthew C Martino is thought to be in talks to host a TV show about aviation enthusiasts who apply for a chance to get sponsorship for their pilot’s license. It is thought the show will have a similar format to ‘The Apprentice’.

The Lets Fly author is thought to be instrumental to the show due to his status within the aviation world however critics have hit out at the 21year old as an unsuitable candidate as he doesn’t currently hold any pilot licenses. Martino’s role on the show would primarily be as a judge, He would have a set number of candidates and he would put them through a test and every week a candidate gets dropped from the process until the final where one person wins the sponsorship.


Martino who is also a film producer is thought to also be considering possibly lending a hand in producing the show as well as being the star. Details of the project have been very right lipped and a source has told us the show may not enter production until 2016.

Martino rose to the public eye in 2012 with his pilots manual Lets Fly and he has since then published business start-up book ‘Go For It’. Let’s Fly has reportedly sold over 7000 copies worldwide but many are thought to have been giveaways. Martino also spearheaded Lets Fly App and Lets Fly Academy which are all additional resources to help aspiring pilots.


The motivation Martino has for flying began from a very young age and now he is thought to have totally given up on his aviation life to concentrate on film production. The 21year old faces controversy late in 2013 after it was revealed that pilots for private charter firm F5 Air let him fly jets he didn’t hold licenses for as he own a majority stake in the company.

Martino’s reps were unavailable.


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