If Matt and Kim are anything, they are consistent. I guess with the garage rock duo, lightning strikes twice. Their fourth album, titled “lightning” is set to drop in the fall of 2012, we’re predicting November. Matt and Kim surely don’t reinvent any wheels, or even take a slight left turn. The latest single from matt and Kim, which is expected to be on the new album, is called “Let’s Go.”

Like “Daylight” and “Block After Block” that preceded it (both accompanying lead singles from their previous albums) “Let’s Go” is an upbeat sort of “call to arms,” that is driven largely by Kim’s metallic drum approach and Matt’s swooshy voice. There is a definitive vocal hook here that charms and enlightens the opening and chorus’, but it is all very “matt and Kim-ish,” for better or worse.

The music video also tries to relate the best basketball has to offer with some fanciful dual-dribbling basketball tricks from “Pat the Roc,” and has Matt and Kim sitting in the bleachers looking odd, bored, and totally barely kind-of rock and roll.

The whole thing is kind of weird, but weird is sort of the quota for Matt and Kim.

I caught their show opening for Blink 192 last summer, and though the set was short, the duo’s charming sensibilities left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Be sure to check out “Lightning” when it strikes this fall, and feel free to explore Matt and Kim’s back discography for some upbeat garage pop in 3 minute chunks of fun and silliness.