After experiencing a wealth of success musically, including being credited as the Original Blues and Country infused pop/ rock star Creator and front man, Mark Manthei better known as Manteye is embarking on a revamp of his brand and approach. After a number of years behind the scenes, writing for and composing countless scores for others popular artists, he has set forth on his mission to take the center of attention once more. With his following still intact (Manteye’s brand is iconic in his native Canada) he has opted to release new material, solidifying his place once again at the forefront of a sound, which he helped cultivate some 2 decades ago. His resume is incomparable on so many levels, and his craftsmanship has never been doubted. Admittedly, Manthei understands that the industry has gone through vast changes over the years, but what has not been altered is the essence: musicianship; and that in and of itself, is Manteye’s biggest asset.  Assuming sole responsible for the forward progress is something that Mark welcomes; never forgetting the work that others have contributed, he has chosen to dedicate the website to some notable persons.

Resonating in the ears and hearts of die-hard fans who are lovers of good vibes, Manteye’s newest ventures in all manner of film include scoring the lines of many upcoming presentations. A passionist for the film industry as a whole, Manteye has always relished the opportunity to contribute via song, melodies if you will. Those that have brought critical acclaim and support that transcends geographic boundaries. The auditory experience of music, his first love has been his inspiration from the outset.

“For creators and listeners alike, Music enhances film by adding another dimension to the visual/intellectual/emotional experience”

The mantra under which he manufactures his excellence today; undoubtedly a good soundtrack does wonders for a film as a whole, for if no other reason its captivation of the audience. Unforgettably, throughout history movies’ legacies are documented via the sound-tracking. Connection between audience and character, pivotal moments is supplemented, created by the soundtrack. Careful selection goes into the process’ creativity, and more; Manteye, has been responsible for exactly that.

With his characteristic appreciation for the music of the day, creator and front-man Mark Manthei has breathed new life into the brand Manteye

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