Sam Krichevsky is the co-founder of the ground-breaking tech and crypto platform,, which is a social economy that offers fans exclusive access to their favorite musicians, athletes, celebrities and others through various once in a lifetime experiences.

But before starting up Geojam in Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend Sarah Figueroa, Sam grew up and found his passion right here in Manhattan. Now, he has partners like Mariah Carey, Diplo, 24kGoldn, Loren Gray, Machine Gun Kelly, Nyjah Huston and Murda Beatz all using / fans themselves of his platform!

The Levity Ball spoke to the power couple about their forward-thinking technology and how it is changing the way fans get closer to their favorite personalities.

When did you first discover that you had a passion to become entrepreneurs and work in the tech industry?

We have both had the entrepreneurial bug since we were young. Sarah started writing business plans when she was 7, and Sam was very interested in how businesses worked from a young age. We both knew that one day we wanted to start our own companies and work for ourselves. 

You both started here in New York, but are now based on the West Coast. Do you miss New York at all?

Sam- I grew up in Manhattan so it will always be home to me. I miss the hustle and bustle of the city and the ability to walk everywhere which is quite different from Los Angeles. 

Sarah- New York City will always be my first love. Since before I can remember, moving to the city was always my dream, and at 18 it became a reality for nearly a decade. There is nothing like it’s energy, I miss it every single day. Learning to make the best out of the west coast… for now. 

What ground breaking things has Geojam been doing this year so far?

The first half of this year has been jampacked, no pun intended. With the launch of our cryptocurrency $JAM and our jam portal on – We’ve been heads down in engineering and product development on Geojam 2.0. The launch of it will definitely be groundbreaking, to say the least.  Keep up with us on twitter @geojamofficial to find out when it launches this Summer! 

We have also managed to have fun and expand our influencer community and launch partners! We recently hosted Jamchella, during Coachella Music Festival, an activation that featured Diplo and was attended by nearly 2,000 influencers!

Diplo attends #Jamchella Presented By Geojam & Nyjah Huston Celebrating Loren Gray’s Birthday on April 15, 2022 in Bermuda Dunes, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images for Geojam )

Which celebrities and musicians have been your favorite to partner with so far?

We have worked with a number of celebrities and musicians including Mariah Carey, 24kGoldn, Loren Gray, Machine Gun Kelly, Nyjah Huston, Murda Beatz, Tinashe, and more. It’s really hard to choose a favorite because each of them are so unique and working with all of them has been such a privilege. 

COVID-19 hit us New Yorkers hard since the start, like many. What advice would you give to those struggling during these times as we come out of the pandemic?

We’re coming out of one of the craziest times in history. As much as things may seem bleak, always have faith that God has a plan and knows what’s best for us. 

Why is a platform like Geojam needed now more than ever?

As we enter into the next phase of the internet as we currently know it, Web3, the way fans interact and transact with their favorite creators is going to change. Geojam is on the forefront of that change by utilizing the advancements of the internet as well as our native cryptocurrency $JAM. 

With crypto slowly taking over and you even having your own tokens, what trends in the digital currency world do you see happening going forward?

Fans are no longer going to be okay with conglomerates and central forces being in between their relationship with their favorite creators. There are so many incredible companies innovating in DeFi, social media, NFT’s, SaS and don’t forget the metaverse. Democratizing content is the wave of the future. 

Switching things up, when you come back to New York, what are your favorite things to do personally here in town?

We love exploring the city and walking around between the different neighborhoods . There is always a new restaurant, bar, speakeasy or show. You might even catch us at our favorite music venue, the Brooklyn Mirage. 

Is it easier or harder to work alongside your loved one?

Working together and building this company together has been incredibly rewarding. Our team is our family. We do drive each other crazy sometimes, but it’s amazing to have a partner by your side that’s always pushing you to be the best and understands what you’re going through on a daily basis. 

And final question: What do you want to be remembered for overall when people look back at you both together and your impact on this world with everything you are building and doing?

We want to be remembered for being thought leaders and innovators. Our goal is to inspire, help, and mentor many entrepreneurs that come after us, especially female entrepreneurs and allow them to know that anything is possible by following your dreams with hard work and perseverance.