The indie rock and roll phenomenon, Lullwater, has announced the release of their new album ‘Revival’. A treat for every rock fan, the album boasts a number of punchy and upbeat tracks topped with some native Georgian and Southern-rock touches. According to reviews from early pre-release of the album, tracks like ‘Evenline’, ‘Let Me Out’ and ‘American Glutton’ allow the listeners to experience the true rawness of genuine alternative rock music, something which is quite hard to find nowadays.

10297757_10156162460495026_5876536102715506179_nThe band, Lullwater, which has John Strickland on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Brett Strickland on lead guitar, Joseph Wilson on drums and Ray Beatty on bass & vocals, has gained quite some popularity in recent times- exemplified by a recent concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis, which was a raving success. Their distinctive sound comes perhaps from their analog style recording which gives each track the effect of a live show, capturing the essence of a real performance, even when played as a record.  The band keeps its native roots alive which is evident from the long instrumentals that are inherent to almost every track. Tracks like “Forgotten Name” which end in a highly intriguing instrumental is an example of the kind of music that gives the end of a concert feel coaxing a stadium of spectators to get up on their feet.

The band’s rock inspiration, too, is quite evident from the new album with one easily being able to identify commonalties with renowned rock sensations like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Collective Soul and Lynryd Skynyrd particularly in songs like the title track ‘Revival’ and ‘American Glutton’. ‘Holy Water’ emerges as a true candidate for a hit single owing to the raspy yet authentic bass arrangement and a catchy chorus fit to be sung along with. The distinctive drum sequence in the track ‘A Forgotten Name’ make the song a stand out as well. The last two tracks, ‘Broken Wings’ and ‘Ruin the Roses’, close off the album on a strong note with statement instrumentals which emerge as one of the distinctive features that make Lullwater unique in its own raw and authentic way. The band is currently touring with Amaranthe and Butcher Babies and limited edition pre-copies of their new album are available at their shows as well as by clicking on any picture in this post, something all rockers can look forward to getting their hands on.