This last Saturday I had the opportunity and pleasure to witness one of the greatest annual music events spanning the last 28 years to grace and hopefully help save our planet. FARM AID 2013! This year wonderfully hosted in the beautiful, inviting and very receptive Saratoga Springs, NY.

So, I ask…what do you get when you combine the looks of Brad Pitt, the charisma of Johnny Depp, the wisdom of a music legend and the guitar stylings of a God?

Lukas Nelson!

The lineup at any Farm Aid is at the very least spectacular and this year’s was no different. One would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite among these performers as there is no doubt a debate would ensue. Pointless anyway…at this level of talent, no one would be wrong!

I will get into other aspects of the show in other postings, but for now let me just say that “Lukas Nelson, backed with perfection by Promise Of The Real, BLEW MY F*@!$#G FACE OFF!”

Lukas and POTR’s set was flawless, a testament to what makes live music a true force of nature! They exemplified the reason why festivals of this caliber and with such a serious message remain so effective and persist. Lukas and POTR literally, figuratively and physically shake people and if people don’t wake the hell up, stand the hell up and get the hell moving…nothing changes. Even if this was the first time seeing and hearing Lukas and POTR, a mouth-dropping, awe-inspiring, attention-demanding response was inevitable.

Lukas Nelson’s talent is on par with the very best I have seen and I am not alone. During later performances when other musicians, from the annals of music history, wished to pump up their set like it was on steroids, they called on Lukas and Lukas did not disappoint. It was as clear to me as it was to them that the adding of Lukas Nelson to any song was like capturing and then shattering a jar of lightening.

Bottom line: If Lukas & POTR tour anywhere near you…GET TO THAT SHOW!

In April of 2012 Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real released their sophomore album ‘Wasted’ on Tone Tied Records and is available on Amazon and iTunes. However, to be honest, I just ordered it on vinyl. These guys on vinyl just make sense.

For Tour Updates & More Info: http://www.promiseofthereal.com/

imagesCAQTV8JJ‘WASTED’ ON AMAZON                              blue ‘WASTED’ ON iTUNES

*On a side note, I am a fan of Charlie Hunnam, but if he were to back out, Mrs. James should really take a look at Lukas. Those who know what I am talking about…know what I am talking about.


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