New York City’s Provocateur will be the sight of Lorenzo Borghese’s June 11th benefit birthday bash in support of the charity Animal Aid USA. To say people are excited is an understatement.

Lorenzo Borghese is having a birthday party. And this isn’t just ANY birthday party, but one that’s being dedicated to the best of causes. Helping animals! The party is being held at New York City’s Provocateur and the money raised at the party is going to Animal Aid USA. It doesn’t get much better than that does it?

“Lorenzo may not be big on celebrating birthdays, but he’s big on helping animals,” commented one of the party’s organizers. “So we got together and said let’s have a party for our friend and a great cause. Don’t miss it, it’s going to be epic!”

Provocateur is located at on Hudson between 13th Street and Gansevoort Street in New York, NY. The party starts at 8:00PM and ends at 11:00PM, with an Open bar from 8:00PM to 9:00PM. Expect drinking, dancing and fun. Emphasis on the fun.

Celebrate Lorenzo’s birthday among a great crowd and help make sure that the cats and dogs at Animal Aid USA also have a chance to celebrate many more birthdays to come.

Animal Aid USA is a nonprofit group made up of an all volunteer staff with one goal: helping animals. Each month they drive over 1,600 miles, in order to relocate animals from high-kill shelters to receiving rescues and homes.

All animals deserve to be loved and treated humanely. Lorenzo deserves a great birthday. June 11th at Provocateur is the perfect chance to make both these things happen while having a record shatteringly good time!

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About Animal Aid USA

It isn’t often that we get the chance to save a life without having to physically be there. Although there are some of us who are not able to care for pets, or do not want one, this featured charity is able to provide others with the opportunity to help animals without having to own one. Currently, Animal Aid USA empowers multitudes of people in order to foster a change in the world. This change includes more shelter for animals, and a desire to help curb the spread of more animals that will never have a home. Established in 2012 as a non-profit organization, the Animal Aid USA group helps to relocate those animals that are stuck in kill-shelters. Relocating them to loving homes, AA USA has a large network of rescue groups and volunteers who are ready and willing to come to the rescue of these animals.

In addition, Animal Aid USA has a mission to end animal cruelty and inhumane methods of euthanization, such as gas chambers. AA USA supports the abolishment of ‘puppy mills’ and has initiated the “Amazing Grace Caravan”. The caravan travels from New Jersey to Georgia, offering those owners with pets a reduced cost to sterilize them. This campaign, which is solely for owners, is an attempt to help suspend the growing numbers of domesticated dogs and cats in the country. Currently, the main reason for dogs and cats ending up in kill-shelters is that there are too many of them. By initiating this campaign, Animal Aid USA hopes to keep more animals in homes and out of shelters.

Animal Aid Club is a dedicated children’s group for helping abandoned pets and to raise awareness, through the school system. The website for AA USA has downloadable lesson plans from the American Humane Association. These tools will help inspire students to spread the word about saving their animals. The club kits provided on the site have all the materials one would need to help anyone start a club in their community.

It’s easy to begin the Animal Aid Club in your area, and the suggestive curriculum is easy to use and fun. Have children discuss specific events in their lives where cats and dogs have helped them through tough times, or talk to local organizations as a class, urging them to sponsor a dog or cat from a local shelter. You can even arrange for professionals to speak to your group or entertain your class for a day, teaching others about the serious issues that homeless dogs and cats are facing.

If you’re interested in events, you can help save more lives and spread awareness by attending any of the AA USA events. Make the journey with them from New Jersey to Georgia in a cross-country awareness campaign. It will truly change your life. Anytime of the year, you can participate in any of our campaign events such as ‘Foster a Military Dog’, ‘Paint that Bus’, ‘Beat the Heat’, and more.

Where can you donate? If you’re interested in donating to the Animal Aid USA organization, please follow the link here. You can begin saving lives today by sponsoring a sheltered animal.