Loopsy Dazy is fixated on providing their audiences with the best live electro music there is. Their intention is clear; they hope to bring the power of music in cohesion will technology. When they take to the stage, loops, tweaks and triggers will thrill and get the audience moving to the beat. Combinations of electronic and acoustic beats create unheard of symphonies. They make sure there is no use of any pre-recorded loops on all accounts. Loopsy Dazy looks forward to bringing us the best trance music there is. Rest assured you haven’t seen anything like Loopsy Dazy. Their looping techniques will produce some of the most moment stealing sounds. If you love trance, do not miss this tour!


Toronto, ON – The Painted Lady
NXNE Music Festival

Ontario – Om Reunion Project Music Festival 

St John’s, NL – The Levee 

St John’s, NL – The Ship

Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub 

Moncton, NB – Tide & Boar 

Antigonish, NS – Evolve Festival

The group came to being because of Colorado born, Toronto based producer, Mikey Dorjey, Violinist Eleanor Edgar and Brad Weber on the drums. Together they enhance versatility creating recognition for a unique way of looking at and making beats. Loopsy Dazy has worked with great producers like BT and has even lent their music to documentary films which have been screened in front of the likes of his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

As a unit they came to being in 2010 and have never looked back since. They have been privileged to entertain and delight live crowds in New York, Guelph and of course, Toronto. “As a band we have established ourselves as regulars on the Archi-textures, a weekly event in good old Toronto. Our hope to conquer your hearts will lead us to Ontario, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in 2013.”

Hypnotic to say the least, their EP just came out this June. First up, a new remix called Alalia is the collaboration of mastermind Mikey Dorje and the violinist maestro of Eleanor Edgar.  Music to ones ears! It is truly amazing how Loopsy Dazy mixes rhythms and beats to make addictive looping tunes. Six distinct versions have been recorded which the band has complied which is downright mesmerizing.


“Simply put, Loopsy Dazy produces some of the most moment stealing sounds I’ve come across in years!”





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