Madonna. Britney Spears. Christina Aguilera. Fergie. And now a new generation of female pop singing is here. Introducing 19-year-old Atlanta-born music sensation Lexi Noel!

Lexi, who already has hundreds of thousands of fans via her YouTube music video channels and global performances, is getting ready make an even greater splash on the pop scene with her funny, yet honest lyrics, confidence, incredible vocals and sassy personality that is quite rare to find these days, especially in young singers (and no, she didn’t pay us to say all that!). However, she did grant The Levity Ball a chance to sit down with the upcoming superstar and get her take on everything happening in her life today…

How did you become interested in becoming a musician, and how old were you when you started?

I was always listening to music, loved performing and singing! Making up concerts. I would make my friends dress up as my back up dancers and put on a show singing. I thought it was the coolest ever! I was like 7.

Explain your music and the type of audience that you reach?

My music is a combination of Pop Dance and Rap. It’s fun light and cotton candyish! It’s the kind of music that makes you feel good. It makes you want to role the windows down and blast my music. My audience starts from preteen and goes all the way to adult.

Who are your biggest influences in music?

Katy Perry is my number one home girl! Also Little Mix, Selena Gomez, Brittney Spears, Beyoncé and Ellie Goulding.

Which other artist have you enjoyed working with the most so far?

Cher Lloyd

What are your goals in the industry and where do you see yourself in a year from now?

To become an ultimate global household name Pop Star. I would also love to write and produce with my favorite artists and producers. In a year I hoped to be signed, on my first headlining world tour and singles on the billboard charts.

How do you define pop music these days, and where do you feel you fit into that definition?

Pop music today is the melting pot of the music industry. Pop includes so many different genres. My music includes many of those different genres combined. I try to add them into my music.

How has growing up in Atlanta influenced your sound?

My sound is bubble gum pop with a twist of urban. Atlanta is the music capital for hip hop and rap. It’s a very urban city. It’s hard not to have that inspire and influence your music.

What tips would you give young artists coming up, or what do you wish someone would have told you when you first started out in the music industry?

Don’t let people at school influence you putting yourself out there. Keep working in perfecting your voice and instruments. It’s gonna pay off in the end. I wish someone would have told me that the music industry is harder that it looks. You have to work really hard at it and you have to be very dedicated to it everyday. You have to really want it and make it your dream!

Any tips on becoming a YouTube star such as yourself?

Make funny videos along with music. Everyone wants to see the real you!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

The end of childhood diseases and poverty.

How can your fans connect with you online / social media?

They can reach me on twitter, Instagram, Facebook @leximusic411 and subscribe to my new VEVO channel my other channel


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