Hailing from Los Angeles, Latent Anxiety is the project behind the work of producer and songwriter Ilja Rosendahl, who strives to write music with an experimental feel, yet keeping the songs direct and consistent.

Latest studio work “Liberation” is haunted by a beautiful darkness, somewhat melancholic, but not depressive. At times,  roomy electronic sounds meet heavy rock influences for an approach that almost makes me think this band could fit really well within the German industrial scene (think Rammstein).

Latent Anxiety is not afraid to embrace an eclectic approach and stray from their comfort zone, exploring genres as diverse as pop, dance and rock within the soundscape of the record.

This is one of those records that drags you hand in hand on a musical journey, with its highs and lows, not in terms of quality but at an emotional level. Hard hitters such as Dirty Baby, Asia and Gallery make room for the intimate ballad I miss you, to get back into angrier music with songs like “Insane”. It might sound rare in this day and age of digital music, but the diversity here really makes this record one of those albums you want to listen to from top to bottom.

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