It has been about 6 months since Lana Del Rey debuted her breakthrough album, Born to Die. It was atmospheric, controversial, and drowned in bubbly R&B balladry and suave vocal gymnastics. The recent trend continues where Lana Del Rey bookends her debut album with a brand new deluxe edition. The ‘Paradise Edition’ is planned for releaseNovember 13 2012through Interscope. It will feature 8 new songs, a new cover (which is sensational and a massive improvement over the original album) and a few bonus tracks that were not included in the standard version of the original album.

Of course, no re-release is complete with multiple versions of it. The Paradise Edition will launch digital, a two-disc set, and a full boxset which will include an additional disc of remixes, a series of Del Rey music videos, and some high-gloss prints for whatever reason you can come up with having to have them.

The original album was missing a few key tracks from Lana Del Rey circa-2011 such as ‘Lolita’ and ‘Without You’ that are entirely welcomed here. As well, the second disc contains 8 new songs, including the brand new single ‘Ride.” This Rick Rubin produced epic finds Del Rey on top form, channeling a darker side of her that was sorely underused in the original set of 12 songs for Born to Die.

I have been notoriously in love with Born to Die and Lana Del Rey, though I have always understood the faults. It was refreshing to hear her shut up and just release some music, outside of the often erratic and stupendously weird interviews. As a person, she’s obviously nuts. As a musician, she’s gorgeously melodic.

View the track list and the trailer for ‘The Paradise Edition’ below:

Disc 1:

01 Born to Die
02 Off to the Races
03 Blue Jeans
04 Video Games
05 Diet Mountain Dew
06 National Anthem
07 Dark Paradise
08 Radio
09 Carmen
10 Million Dollar Man
11 Summertime Sadness
12 This Is What Makes Us Girls
13 Without You
14 Lolita
15 Lucky Ones
Disc 2:
01 Ride
02 American
03 Cola
04 Body Electric
05 Blue Velvet
06 Gods and Monsters
07 Yayo
08 Bel Air