Kelsea Little is a singer/songwriter who hails from the beautiful city of San Diego, California. Her cheery music is described as indie folk or indie pop. Many listeners could compare Little to other musicians, such as Feist, Joanna Newsom, Regina Spektor or She & Him. Little’s performing act isn’t just made up of herself; she has a full band to accompany her. With Jose Guerrero on percussion, James Albers on electric bass, Mack Leighton on upright bass, Wyatt Stone on electric guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and vocals and Tasha Locke on the saxophone, the whole group creates upbeat and unique music for all.

The ten-track album, titled Personal Myth, is extremely imaginative and alive. The opening track, titled “Blue Feather” sounds like something straight out of your favorite Disney movie. Little’s voice is very prominent throughout the track, pushing boundaries that many singers have not yet conquered. “It Hasn’t Gone Away” sounds like the way you feel when you look outside your window when the rain clears. Little’s harp plays a big role in this song as well as many others on the album.

“Walnuts in Peru” slows down the pace of the album while still maintaining the cheery vibe. “Daisy Chains, Revisited” is the kind of song that makes you want to grab your best friend and dance with him or her until the sun goes down. This song will “make your heart sing,” just as Little belts out of her vocal cords. “Is Art” is a philosophical song that ponders the idea of what exactly art really is through the object of flowers. “Hands” is an acoustic song that focuses solely on Little’s sweet singing.


“Now is All We Have” is hands-down the happiest song of the album. This track will make anyone smile no matter how down they’re feeling. The lyrics will remind all listeners of the little things in life. “Your Garment Life” is a quiet ukulele song that, like “Hands,” focuses on Little’s adorable voice. “Sequence Yourself” opens itself with a piano melody and low singing. The final track, “Go Team, Go!” is different from all the other tracks. This song closes the album with an enormous bang. You can’t miss this one.

Kelsea Little and her accompanying friends create music that will remind you of sunshine and rainbows without making you feel like a too-happy idiot. All of these musicians know how to manipulate their voices and instruments correctly to create this cheery atmosphere to suit your feelings and needs. Listen to Personal Myth to dive deep into your happy zone and discover where you want your mind to be.



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