“Ever since the career test I took in high school said I would best be suited as a traffic cop, I’ve been rebelling against preconceived notions of people’s limitations.”

–Kat Parsons

An eclectic music style, a knack for song writing, and a solid fan base make Kat Parsons one of the hottest pop singers in the music scene today. It is not enough for a singer to be an excellent singer and songwriter—although it is one of the most cherished qualities in the music industry. They must also be able to inspire a fan base, for without a fan base, there is no one to increase view counts, purchase albums, or see promote their work. Kat Parsons, of course, has no problem gaining fans. Her bright, exuberant music and diverse style helped her self-release her first album, titled No Will Power, in 2005. The release cost around $18,000–and was entirely fan funded! The success was not a one-time surprise, either: In 2010, Parsons raised almost $20,000 to help fund her newest albums, recordings, and other work.

How has Parsons gained such a generous, loyal and loving fan base? The key to her success is in her engaging, enigmatic personality and her masterful grasp of music. With a naturally innocent, bubbly and yet intense personality, Parsons is a refreshing face in a music scene filled with put-on acts and staged personalities. Parson’s music has often been compared to a modernized more pop-version of the ever-popular Carole King. Most of her music is heavy on the piano and sometimes the horn, adding a little choir-style twist to her simple–and yet catchy–music style. Her latest album, It Matters To Me, will be refreshingly familiar to her many fans. The full EP is set for release in April.

Although she is well known for her refreshing yet familiar piano-heavy pop style, Parsons is not a one-trick pony who limits herself to a single genre. The singer/songwriter often explores other sides of her musical ability, which will become more apparent with the release of her next EP, titled  It Matters to Me.  Although the musical style of the EP has not yet been divulged, Parsons likened the experience of exploring different musical genres as “trying on new clothes.”

Kat Parsons is a talented singer / songwriter with a really intimate and minimalist feel to her music, somewhere in between the melancholic beauty of Damien Rice and the classic charm of Simon and Garfunkel, all patched together by Kat’s really unique voice, jazzy and warm, yet bright and powerful, not unlike artists such as Norah Jones.

Her brand new EP “It Matters To Me” is the final piece of trilogy of EPs, and it features a set of charming, candle-lit tunes with the production of Bill Lefler (Laura Jansen, Kris Allen) and Rich Jacques (right the stars, Kina Grannis) as well as guests such as Dave Eggar (Coldplay) and lap steel by Ben Peeler (Shelby Lynne, Josh Kelley, The Jayhawks).

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