Kanye West took to Twitter the other day to inquire to his 8.5 million (and growing) twitter followers about the use of the word “bitch”. If you can go on Dictionary.comthe word bitch is defined as “ a malicious,unpleasant, selfish person especially a woman”.  Being that we can all list so many numerous Kanye songs  in which he uses this word it would be a waste of my time to even list any.

His specific question was “ Is it okay to call a woman a bitch even if its endearing?”. Although this question is bigger then itself in the sense that people push the “social” boundaries every day by calling people known derogatory terms but don’t consider them derogatory since they are not using the word with indicated or attempted malice. Interesting question personally for Mr.West himself considering he’s called his girlfriend Kim Kardashian the perfect bitch. A title which she said she “felt honored” to have.

Kanye’s twitter rant then goes on to explore whether hip hop has conditioned us to accept terms that were before perceived as derogatory such as “bitch” and “nigga”. He then finishes up his outburst of tweets with a link to Lupe Fiasco’s latest video “Bitch Bad”. The visual that serves to Lupe’s well versed story as he explores the word bitch and hip hop through different perspectives. What do you think? How would you answer Kanye’s question? Leave your comments below!