The first time I heard K-Bass and Farafina Musiki, I instantly thought of Paul Rudd’s character in the film ‘I Love You, Man.’ More specifically the scene where he acts like he’s in a reggae band saying “Slappin’ the bass mon!” While that scene is slightly irrelevant to K-Bass himself, I figured it would be a great way for me, the writer, to get you hooked on K-Bass. After all, how can you not love the movie ‘I Love You, Man” and reggae music?

So let me give you a background on K-Bass. K-Bass is a fluent speaker in English, French and his native language, Bambara. Throughout his latest album, you will notice that most of the tracks are recorded in French, while two are in English, and two are in Bambara. He was born on the Ivory Coast in Africa, and was brought up in a family full of music enthusiasts. K-Bass’ music and dance celebrates everything in life, but more specifically knowledge and love. Knowledge and love seem to be a repetitive topic for most reggae bands, but we can never have enough of it. Our music culture is flooded with the useless topics of money and fame. Luckily we have guys like K-Bass who desire to pull us out of that garbage.

The album that’s featured on his front page, “La Liberte” consists of 17 tracks; 5 songs in English 5 in Bambara and 7 in French. The best way I can describe it from a mood shifting perspective is that the whole album is full of sunshine. There’s something about reggae styled music that makes you feel like you’re posted up on a beach watching the waves roll in. The whole time I was listening to K-Bass, I imagined myself in a beach chair with my toes in the sand, watching the pretty ladies pass by as a waitress served me drinks time after time. It has that happy paradise feel to it. And while I have no clue what he’s singing about because I don’t know the language, I’d like to think it’s about martinis, bikinis, and palm trees. Hey, why not? Imagination can be a good thing!


A lot of K-Bass’ music has traditional, homeland sounds that really cheer you up. He also mixes some new style into his music. A lot of the sounds can be compared to some hit songs that are currently on the radio. Pop song galore…but not an overkill of it. You get the best of both worlds! I also thoroughly enjoyed his voice. And while I’m slightly convicted about making that statement (since I have no clue what he’s saying), I’m running with it because he does have great vocals and pitches great vibrations to his listeners. I also like the hint of Latino beats in the background. Each song has layers and layers of sounds that all work together so well.

At the end of the day, I just love this. Even though I don’t understand the language, K-Bass invokes a pleasant feeling and has successfully lured me into his happy world.  K-Bass is definitely on the road to success and I hope he keeps up the great work and positive music!



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