Justin Beiber isn’t the saving grace pop fans over the age of thirteen were looking for exactly, but his perfectly manufactured mixture of pop/rap/rock makes for a wild and prolific success. Beiber is expected to move from indie darling to mainstream whizkid with his 2012 album, Believe, scheduled for release early Summer. Maybe this album will make Justin Beiber a household name? Maybe this will be his breakthrough album? (I’m not sure if the sarcasm is smeared thick enough here).

Beiber recently dropped the cover of his next record, and if anyone thought he was humble, perhaps we should think again. It displays Beiber ever so prominently- large, in your face, and showing off his mug young boy charms for all the fans and non-fans alike.

This will be Beiber’s third album following My World 2.0 from 2010 and a Christmas record he dropped late last year to overwhelming success for ANY record let alone a Christmas record.

There will be two covers, a standard version and deluxe versions, almost identical accept for a stylistic overlay seppia-face with the deluxe. On another note, Beiber continues the trend of releasing deluxe versions of stripped down records, making the standard version completely obsolete. Lady Gaga did it, Katy Perry did it, and anyone witha big marketing push did it. Here we go again.

In all fairness, Beiber does craft a solid pop hook that appeals to the right demographics, and you can’t possibly avoid his boyish charm and sensibility. Stay tuned to the internet for more information following Justin Beiber and the new album. 


Image Source, Believe Album Cover Standard V. 2012