JoyFocus is a two-piece pop/rock band who come from Chicago, Illinois. Musician Rikk Currence and singer Holly Joy create music that blends elements of alternative rock and catchy pop songs. The two focus on stories of suburban family experience and all the things positive and negative that stem from a life in the American middle class. The band has proved to be highly successful since their debut in 2001; with  three independent albums and seven featured singles on six different international releases, the band is working hard to become a household name.

The band’s latest single, titled “Love Song Cliché,” is an anthem for people all over the world who are tired of the standard love song that dominates radio stations every few weeks. The cute and small piano opening of the song seems to be preparing you for a love ballad until singer Holly Joy kicks up her vocals a notch. The sonic feel of the chorus grips you and takes you on a wild ride through soaring melodies and lyrics of inspiration.

Although singer Holly Joy speaks of her music as stories and experiences, her tone of voice may prove otherwise from time to time as the lack of emotion in her singing plays a major role in the band’s sound. Aside from that, this band sounds as if they are rocking out in whatever way they please. It’s obvious that musician Rikk Currence’s energy is through the roof when he’s writing and playing music. Listening to the new single from JoyFocus will bring out your favorite characteristics of rock music as well as the addiction of listening to that one pop song you can’t get enough of.


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