Joshua Worden is a solo artist and producer who comes from Atlanta, Georgia. His music is described as an original blend of R&B, jazz and indie pop with electronic production. Worden’s music is inspired by artists such as Frank Ocean, Raphael Saadiq and James Blake. The mood of Worden’s music is downtempo, creating a calming atmosphere due to his relaxing beats and deep lyrics. “I love music and genuinely believe that it is my path. I feel that music, more than any other pursuit, is the way that I can give back to the world,” says Worden himself.

As a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Joshua Worden is a self-produced artist. Worden’s debut full-length album, titled Always This, was released in June 2013. This ten-track album features songs that will transport you to another state of being. The calming and soothing beats that Worden creates will surge through your ears and into your brain.

The opening track on the album, titled “Marrow,” introduces itself with vocals to die for and a soothing melody. The synthesizer that kicks in later on is utterly mesmerizing for all listeners. “The Road” is more upbeat; however, this track maintains a calming ambiance. The beats in this track give off a meditative vibe while Worden’s voice sings catchy strings of words. “Midnight” sounds more soulful than other tracks, complete with oohs and ahhs all around.

When you press play on “The Hunter,” subtle wobs can be heard faintly behind Worden’s singing. This song has a bit of groove all throughout the track. “The Skies Glowed” is the kind of song that will make you want to take a late night drive with the one that you love. Good vibes radiate through this entire track: from the lyrics, melodies and the beats.

“Embers” and “Like a Rose” prove to be the start of the closing point of the album. These songs are beautiful, however many listeners may grow tired of the over-again slow tempo of the beats. “The Turning Quiet” is very minimalistic and truly sounds like a quiet song. “To Dust” and “The Line” close off Always This with simplistic beats and the unique vocal style of Joshua Worden.

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The album is an escape from your average reality. Every single song takes place somewhere deep inside yourself and won’t stop until it has made its way through your core. Worden creates music for the mind and the soul rather than for the critics and the charts. Take it all in with Always This, and album that you’ll never forget.



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