Do you know who Jody Whitesides is? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well if I were to play some of his tunes, I’m sure you’d recognize them in a heartbeat. He creates power pop music that is a delight to your precious ears. Jody has produced music for sports like the NFL, MLB, and NHL. He’s also produced music for E!, major late night shows, and recognizable television shows.

Jody has been approached by many major labels in the past, but turned them down due to a lack of shortage in investment. However, Jody has decided to turn to pledge music. In the past, Jody became the first signed artist to iTunes through CD Baby.  Now he’s looking to go a whole new route in pledging music. It’s so new that he needed approval before jumping in. Now that’s saying something about Jody’s talent.

With all of that being said, Jody wants you to get involved. He wants you to donate money to his fund to produce his enjoyable music. In return, Jody will reward you with many things after the recording.  For many of you, Jody will send you a signed copy of the cd before it goes live. But for the higher donators, Jody has much more in store. Have you ever wanted ski lessons from a nationally ranked skier? Jody can give you that. Have you ever wanted a dog that can sit, spin and play dead? Jody can give you that. Have you ever wanted a delicious home made pizza made by a top musician? Jody can hook you up.

If you are interested, here is how you get involved. First make a pledge, then share the pledge page on your social media accounts, and then after that you will receive exclusive updates from Jody himself. Once Jody gets 100% funded, he has a charitable contribution that will kick in. A portion of all the money will be donated to the Best Friends Organization, which will protect all sorts of animals with a no kill policy. What a great guy Jody is.

Jody wants you to know that “I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with you. From deep in my being I thank you for you pledge.”





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