When faced with obstacles as it pertains to the accomplishment of your dreams there is only two options for intents and purposes; those are either rise to the occasion, or falter. When failure is not an option a sense of “by any means necessary” takes over. To all true ambitious, hungry, people I am sure you can and will agree.  I myself am well versed in the trials of life, the road blocks which arise when on a mission to achieve. I do not subscribe to submission, or quitting for that matter; my approach often times than not is full steam ahead.

Similar is the thought process of Jimmy The Mouth. The English performer, creator was in that exact predicament in recent times: A friendly challenge from a close friend to create a note-worthy project with quite the time limit, and equipment as well. However limited she was, her creative thought process and work ethic was not. NO stranger to coming through in the clutch, Jimmy The Mouth did the only thing she truly knows how to- work hard.

What began as a simple experimentation, turned EP, has now been transformed into and offered to you the public as a full album.  MY BODY IS A CHRISTMAS TREE, the latest release by Jimmy The Mouth and is now available on Bandcamp:

Its official release date of December 12, 2012 marks the culmination of an admittedly arduous process for Jimmy The Mouth;  returning to her homeland a mere 20 days before the launch she was armed with only a an eight-track tape recorder and no actual microphones. How did she pull it off? Sheer determination.

The 11-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format which you desire and is available as we speak for download.  The Deluxe Edition, also available for download includes documentation of the blueprinting stage as well as the actual recordings. Shot on location by Ishani Bagga (photography), the visuals provide a candid insight into the day by day accounts.  Bonus album artwork is also provided with the deluxe edition, provided by Itmam Kashem.

A menagerie of sounds, comprising of an alternative London rock feel coupled with caroling as well as folk musical elements, MY BODY IS A CHRISTMAS TREE is a must have for this most joyous season.


1.      Grace

2.      God Rest Ya Merry Gentlemen

3.      My Body Is a Christmas Tree

4.      O Come O Come Emmanuel

5.      The Winter Solstice

6.      Everything I write is in ¾ (Christmas Waltz)

7.      O Holy Night

8.      Silent Night

9.      New Years Eve

10.  I hear the Children Saying Grace Again

With a subsequent release scheduled for Boxing Day titled The Germaine Files which will encapsulates her writings over the last three years all of which have been compared to some of the classic outputs by Antifolk, and Kimya Dawsony.  With a calendar like that, you can rest assured that Jimmy The Mouth is ready to take her place amongst the most mentioned of her contemporaries in music.

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