You’ve seen them both on social media, and now the power duo behind “JerseyStyle” has fully taken over New York and the rest of the United States!

Behind JerseyStyle is married couple Michael & Basia Newman who each day go on social media and help people through their relationships, fitness, health and other mindset tasks. On top of this, Michael recently appeared on the hit television program “MasterChef: Legends” with Gordon Ramsay, where he showed that food is a way to everyone’s heart, even if it is vegan!

From the shores, The Levity Ball sat down with this very blunt and fun team to learn more about everything!

How has New York overall inspired the “JerseyStyle” mentality you both have in your day-to-day lives? 

Overall, New York has inspired our JerseyStyle mentality by teaching us to accept and respect the many different cultures and lifestyles that the melting pot called “New York City” offers. We’ve learned to be open, loving, and positive to each and every individual, not just people like us. Being diverse helps not only ourselves personally, but also helps us with our JerseyStyle brand, which includes multiple categories of coaching. We’ve been blessed to have both been born and raised in the New Jersey/New York region. 

What is a typical day like for you both as a couple?

A typical day for us begins with us waking up around 6:00 a.m. The first thing that we do upon waking up is accomplishing our first goal of the day, that is making the bed. The reason for this is that within the first 5 minutes of being up, you’ve already accomplished something. We follow that by doing a daily reading from one of our positive affirmation books followed by individually speaking out loud our daily “I AM” (I am worthy, grateful, blessed, healthy, coming into abundance, etc.) Being avid spiritualist, we also routinely, but not every day open the windows and cleanse ourselves and home with sage. Every day, we love to palo santo ourselves for new positive energy along with mediating, which all aligns our physical and mental mind, body, and spirit. Then, we work out on the average of about 5 times a week utilizing one of our coaching platforms, which is Team Beachbody and their Beachbody On Demand Programs. We then check e-mails, respond to clients, and do any follow-ups we need to do to keep our JerseyStyle business running. After we check off our daily tasks from our Law of Attraction Planner, we then take some time for ourselves to relax and reenergize. We then tackle the afternoon by doing any home chores or projects around our home that need to be done including preparing a fresh and healthy home cooked meal. Remember to always end your day feeling accomplished even if you didn’t get everything on your task list completed. We go to sleep each night with gratitude and the knowledge that everything will be ok even when your mind begins to wander, which allows any type of self-doubt to settle in. We do this by promising ourselves to never go to sleep off of an argument or being mad at each other because we know that will carry into the next morning. Lastly, we promise ourselves to do our very best to live a loving and positive life in hopes to inspire at least just 1 person a day, which we consider to be true success as our mantra states, “LOVE + POSITIVITY = SUCCESS!

Being on MasterChef obviously brought a lot of attention to you Michael. How have you been handling the new fame?

Being on FOX TV’s hit culinary competition MasterChef, I have received lots of new attention not just locally, but also on a National level most of which has been positive in nature with a few exceptions. There will always be negativity out there and one of the things we do through our lifestyle brand is teach individuals how to love themselves unconditionally and not worry about the people who try to drag you down.  When you love yourself enough, whatever others opinions maybe of you will not make a difference in your life because you have full acceptance and ownership of who you are. “Love yourself that way you will be able to love others the same way you want to be loved.”

What are your favorite types of food here in NYC?

Though we are from the Jersey Shore, we do frequently visit NYC. When we do, we can’t help resist some of the most amazing Italian food outside of Italy. We also love to visit some of the more upscale vegan/plant-based restaurants (usually vegan/plant-based restaurants are very casual) that the city has to offer. Additionally, we love to visit quaint live burlesque/jazz tapas lounges. 

What places do you both like to hangout around?

The places we both like to hangout around especially here in our hometown of Asbury Park, which is down at the Jersey Shore would be the beach. We also love to go to the many high quality restaurants along with listening to live music at the many venues our town has to offer. When we hang out in New York City, even though many local people do not like to hang around the Mid-Town Times Square area, we do. We thrive off the hustle and bustle of the diverse international crowd, which that area offers.

Where do you see “JerseyStyle” heading in 5 years from now?

This is a tough one as we’ve been working on our LifeStyle brand for almost 7 years. With that being said, in 5 years from now, we see JerseyStyle being a leading brand internationally.  We see ourselves hosting a lifestyle show, traveling the world, discovering and tasting new and exotic foods in helping people make the connection between how these foods can help them in their own personal lives. By doing this, then we will be able to help others achieve their life goals. 

How important is social media these days to getting your message, tips, tricks, etc. out there?

In this day and age, being part of the social media world is extremely important because it helps gain exposure to an audience that before social media, you would never be able to reach. One of the most important things that most people on social media fail to realize is engagement. What we mean by this is exchanging comments on other people’s pages/posts and in return they should be showing love and positivity by commenting back. Also, sharing others content to your stories and/or page.  This is our #1 rule to increase our own and others’ engagement and visibility. Social media will also help you find and identify who your target audience maybe. With this being said, social media can be a huge drain on you or your relationship, especially with us because we share a joint lifestyle account. We are huge advocates of taking periodic social media breaks by unplugging for 3-5 days. This will help with the strain of always keeping up and will also help refresh your mindset, help keep your relationship fresh, and give to time to reconnect with your partner and audience. 

Why do you both simply love New York?

We both simply love New York because it’s eclectic and electric. When we travel from our home down at the Jersey Shore, we have to go through either the Lincoln (Midtown) or Holland (Downtown/Business District) Tunnels and when we emerge from the tunnel into the New York City side, there is an immediate life awaking and adrenaline rushing energy that engulfs your body.  The city injects so much LIFE and INSPIRATION that it’s hard to even leave and go home when its time. We can easily say that this is the type of energy and atmosphere that fuels us to achieve all of our manifested goals and dreams that we desire.