If I came up to you and said “Hey you should check out this new song by Jeremy Fernandez called ‘Don’t Let Go’”, would you think that I was going to show you a trendy Hispanic singer that only gets played on Telemundo?

Well that’s what I thought too when I was first told about him. However, despite my slightly ignorant racial thought, Jeremy Fernandez is actually a teen pop star heartthrob who is on the verge of being YouTube famous.

The lyrics of the song ‘Don’t Let Go’ are super catchy! Every singer has an audience, and his audience is primarily teen girls. A song about letting go, and moving on steals any girl’s heart. Good choice, Jeremy. The lyrics weren’t too played out, and you kept a solid feel.

One slice of constructive criticism…Jeremy, tone down the autotune a bit, you do not need it!  You have a great natural voice that can charm the ladies so keep it raw and project your pure, God given talent! You’ve got that natural look, maintain the natural voice.

Jeremy’s beat and musicality tune fit right into what today’s pop radio stations are looking for. And everyone is into dubstep now, so throwing in some deep bass was slick career move. Jeremy, you have the studio, the talent, the perfect beat, and a great featured singer…now take my advice, put it into consideration, tweak it, and get famous fast…it’s your destiny!

As an actor, Jeremy appeared on many TV shows and indie films from “Law & Order,” “The Electric Company,” and “Team Toon.” His acting career has included working with some of television and film’s greatest actors and creators.

Jeremy Fernandez was born on December 18, 1997 in the Bronx, New York.

He began his acting career in 2009 and is presently filming an independent movie, “Little Miss Perfect.” His first two singles were released in late 2012 and early 2013. His next single “Don’t’ Let Go” will be released on August 20. His first album is expected later this year.


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