Summer is here, and I’m sure that many of you out there are looking to create that perfect poolside playlist. Well look no further because Jay Kill and The Hustle Standard have you covered. They just released their newest EP ‘Stuck on the Sunrise’, and it’s everything you need for a chill summer. Not only do they have the sweet sound of Fleet Foxes, but they also have hints of Andrew Bird in their music.


The first song off their newest EP is titled ‘Autumn Bells.’ This is one of those songs that you want to make sure is being played on your portable Jambox while you hit the local river rope swing. It’s got that cool, hip, indie pop feel to it. The singer has an infectious voice with a little bit of rasp to it. It’s just enough to let you know that he’s the real deal. The drums kill it with a beautiful and consistent beat that makes you want to fly higher before letting go to crash into the water below. It’s one of those songs that will really set the mood for whatever relaxation state you’re in, and will be sure to bring out some good times. Crack open the brews, because this song is one to remember.

‘Autumn Bells’ eases into the next song ‘Never Seen Runaway.’ This song is my favorite track on the EP, because it has such a true summer feel to it. You feel the freedom and joy that summer gives to many of us through this song. The one lyric that stands out to me is where he sings ‘Hey mamma, I’m gone, can’t catch ya, never seen ya runaway.’ It’s a lyric full of freedom, and like I said before, it is a direct representation of summer. This is one of those songs that genuinely make you feel good inside. It’s ideal for nearly any occasion. After hearing this song, I knew that the next two were bound to be good. These dudes already had me!

The last three songs are great. ‘Snake Skin Girl’, such an interesting name, is an awesome tune, and I really enjoyed the instrumentals. Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard have something really interesting about them that I can’t really point out. If I think about it enough, I should be able to point it out. Maybe I’ll figure it out by the end of this review. Either way, ‘Snake Skin Girl’ was fantastic.

Now their last track is a song called ‘Stuck on the Sunrise.’ And while they’re stuck on a sunrise, I’m still stuck on a slump about what I find so interesting about them. They have a great array of sounds, it’s all layered so perfectly, it’s mastered meticulously, and they all contribute in such an admirable and amazingly orderly manner. The electric guitar in this song really brings out an old school vibe that I love, and again, the lyrics are pleasing to my ears. Reminds me a bit of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

After much review and listening to this album several times, I figured out what is so interesting about these guys. The lead singer’s voice is insanely similar to Louis Armstrong when he drags out his voice. I knew that’s what I was trying to think of. I think it’s so cool. Just to be able to imitate such an iconic musician, but still have your own style is something to be proud of.

Overall, every single reader needs to listen to the new Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard album. If they don’t, Jay Kill will probably…well, kill you. Simple as that.

These dudes rule!



Photo Credit: Eve Reinhardt

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