May 8th will see the release of the brand new Infected Mushroom LP, Army of Mushrooms. Infected Mushroom are a dark electronic group from Israel, one of the most successful group’s to ever come out of the country. With the recent conflict in Israel escalating, perhaps the title is a reference to their home country’s turmoil. Or perhaps, it’s another way of saying “we’re awesome.”

Regardless, Army of Mushroom’s is expected to be 12 tracks, and include a cover of Foo Fighters 2007 hit, The Pretender. A very odd choice considering how old it is and how forgettable it is, and of course of all groups- Foo Fighters? Why?

it should be an interesting listen. this album is a follow-up to their critically acclaimed full-length Legend of the Black Shawarma, and despite its terrible title, it featured guest spots by Jonathan Davis of Korn and some of the best songs in the group’s career.

Expect a statside and European tour for 2012. In the meantime, check out the tracklist and the group’s official site for more information, both posted below:


1. Nevermind

2. Nothing to Say

3. Send Me an Angel

4. U R So Fucked

5. The Rat

6. Nation of Wusses

7. Wanted To

8. Serve My Thirst

9. I Shine

10. Drum N Bassa

11. The Pretender

12. The Messenger 2012


Image Source: Infected Mushroom, 2009, Photo-Op