The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA played host to what felt like a concert with the atmosphere of a friendly get-together as Indigo Girls, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, took the stage promoting their June release “One Lost Day” on October 24.  This intimate venue was the perfect backdrop for the acoustic folk melodies and seamless harmonization that have made Indigo Girls’ fans dedicated followers over their nearly three decade recording history.

The tone for the evening was set by Scottish newcomer Natalie Clark.  Her upbeat and personal solo performance was filled with songs influenced by her own example of chasing after her dreams.  After having been an elementary school teacher in Glasgow, Scotland for 6 years, Natalie knew that in her heart that all she wanted to do was perform.  She decided that she needed to take a chance and pursue this passion, moving to Los Angeles just 6 months ago.  This spirit was captured in her high energy track Take It:

Reaching, further and further into the distance where I can be
Growing, stronger and stronger,
Just like a seed, into a tree

For the Indigo Girls, their dream started during their childhood in Georgia.  The duo had met in grade school and started making music together in high school. They started recording in 1987, with their self-titled album going platinum in 1989. Their One Lost Day release marks their fourteenth studio album.


Accompanied by violinist Lyris Hung, the Indigo Girls’ vocal harmonization brought warmth to the theater with lyrics that hit home and inspire their fans. Unlike most other contemporary tours, the set list varies significantly from evening to evening, making the show feel more like personalized dialog for the audience than a typical concert.  The stage was open and informal, with beloved guitar tech Sulli making her way out between each song to change out Amy’s and Emily’s guitars and even lending her vocals to one of the songs.

For longtime fans, the Indigo Girls did not disappoint, drawing on favorites from their previous albums including Power of Two, Share the Moon, Hammer and Nail, and Galileo.   Several songs from the new album were woven into the set including Happy in the Sorrow Key, Southern California is Your Girlfriend, Come a Long Way, Fishtails, and Spread the Pain.  Bringing things full circle, the encore wrapped up with Closer to Fine, which had launched the Indigo Girls into the spotlight in 1989.

Having known each other and having performed with each other for so many years, there is a definitive sense that they have grown up together through their music, and their fans have grown up right alongside them.   In recent years, Amy and Emily have both embarked on a new stage in their lives, each now raising a daughter.  However, with their four year recording hiatus now behind them, it is evident from their interactions with each other and their fans that Indigo Girls’ first love is as strong as ever and they will continue to share their lives and their convictions with their fans for some time to come.