Bad Books consists of a tight and high profile collective of musicians, most notably Kevin Devine and Andy Hull- rounded out by Robert McDowell, Chris Freeman, Jonathan Corley, and Ben Homola. Kevin Devine has been running the indie rock circuit for close to a decade, fronting a multitude of groups, most famously ‘Kevin Devine and His Damn Band.’ He has carved a solid solo career, and even sold out a recent club tour in promotion of his award-winning album ‘Brother’s Blood’ released in 2009.

Andy Hull’s solo output is far less than Kevin Devine, release a few key albums under various titles. But his greatest musical contribution to the indie canon is acting as frontman to the group ‘manchesterOrchestra.’ The group have three albums under their belt, their last release ‘Simple Math’ was an astonishingly gorgeous and effective collection of towering modern rock.

The group is Bad Books. Using both the vocal work of Kevin Devine and Andy Hull, the group establish a strong name based onHulland Devine’s records. The groups first self-titled album was very divisive, as each song was written by eitherHullor Devine. This second outing finds the group vastly more collaborative, working on songs together and even placing both vocalists within a single track.

It is a unifying album of huge proportions. Triple Crown Records released the album October 9th. Check out the group’s website for upcoming tour dates and news.