Milwaukee is coined the “beer capital of the world.” Brewers like Pabst, Schlitz, Miller and Blatz make Milwaukee an iconic city for the beer lover. But it’s not just beer that makes the city recognizable; it’s the music scene too. And that’s where the pop-punk band dubbed Human After All comes into the picture

Human After All has a unique sound that stands out from the typical pop punk genre. This past July they dropped their first album entitled ‘Growing Up’. So far it has had a decent response, and is certainly making a solid remark in the Milwaukee music scene. And while these guys are fairly new to the music industry, it appears to me that they know what they’re doing and they should be on the road to success in no time.


The first song on the album is called ‘I Hate My Friends’. This song was the perfect way to start an album because it was fast paced and really got you in the groove of what was later to come. Evan and Joe kill it on the guitar with some core sounds, while Garrets pitch in vocals is really enjoyable to the ear. Right off the bat I could tell that they put a lot of effort into the album, especially with the recording at Alchemist Media Productions.

Their next song is ‘Romans.’ I really enjoyed Caleb’s rhythms on the drums. He is definitely a talented drummer and he kept up very well with the others in the band. I really liked the beginning of the song too with the way they bashed right into things. Along with Caleb, Kyle performed very well in this song with the deep bass following each note that Evan and Joe played. While pop punk is not my favorite genre, this song made me really enjoy the genre a bit more.  The break down in the song was executed very well and had me jamming out.

The last two songs on the album were titled ‘Hang From My Neck’ and ‘I Want My Life Back’. Everybody in this band plays spectacular together, and each musician compliments the next. I also can’t get over how well this is recorded. It’s super clear, and you can really pick out each instrument without a problem.


Overall, these guys were damn good. Everything from the recording down to the individualistic sounds of the musicians was beyond par. If you’re a pop punk fan, then I highly suggest that you check out Human After All. If you’re down with them, let them know of their Facebook page. I’m sure they will love your support!

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