Tanner Chidester is the mastermind behind the successful coaching program Elite CEOS which has been helping countless people across America and here in New York to build online service-based businesses during COVID-19, while also providing 1-1 coaching to help them with all facets of their business. Through their program, Tanner teaches relevant techniques and strategies that he uses each day and helped him to make millions. 

The Levity Ball spoke exclusively with Tanner about his program, how business has been during the pandemic, his new book and what he’s looking forward to when he comes back to NY next!

When did you first discover that you had a passion for helping other business owners scale their companies?

Honestly it just fell in my lap. I never wanted to be a business consultant or coach, but after building my first million dollar business people were continuously asking me how I’d done it. At first I would just politely decline, but when I saw I was looking at another multiple 7 figure business and people kept asking I figured why not. After starting I realized I enjoyed the mindset of business owners and working with them and never looked back.

How do you figure out if someone is a good fit or not for your program?

Typically if they aren’t willing to work hard or want to get rich quick we tend to stay away. People see my success and assume that it was easy, when  that’s far from the truth. I equate my program to being the shovel someone needs to dig a hole. It’s the right tool, but the work is still extremely difficult. We look for individuals who want to put in the work and build a real sustainable business for years to come. 

What are the main things that people do that lead them to failure from your experience?

Lack of worth ethic and/or skills. An example would be a comparison of michael jordan to a 5th grade basketball player. The 5th grader could work out just as hard as Michael Jordan but likely would never reach his talent level regardless of how much work he put in. On the other hand, if Michael Jordan never worked out (even though he is very skilled) he would never have reached his full potential. The reality is some people don’t work on the marketing and sales skills necessary to drive a successful business. And then some have the skills but they don’t apply the work ethic. You need both to grow something special.

Tell us about your new book!

My new book is called “Infinite Income” and talks all about my journey going 0-8 figures in under 2 years. it also dives into my personal life, automations, tech, and all the tactics and strategies I implemented to make it all happen.

COVID-19 has hit us New Yorkers hard since the start. What advice would you give to those with retail stores who are looking at switching to e-commerce during these times?

Do it now and don’t look back. I understand COVID has been extremely difficult for retail stores, but those who have switched to ecommerce I don’t think will go back to retail. Margins are higher, you can sell to more people, and it’s COVID proof. I’m not a huge fan of retail so I’d encourage anyone on the fence to make the switch.

What is the average cost of your courses?

I have stuff ranging from $97-100k+. My flagship course and 1-1 mastermind is typically 12k for 4 months. 

Have you seen an uptick in new people enrolling in your services since COVID-19 hit?

100%. I haven’t missed a beat with COVID, it helped me if anything. It finally made people see the need to have an online presence.

Switching things up, when you come to New York yourself, what are your favorite things to do personally?

Typically eating at the restaurants and visiting the historic sites. I typically stay away from the cold so I’ll only come at specific times during the year when it’s warmer. I’m a simple guy, it doesn’t take a lot to keep me happy. 

In a day and age where we all live on social media, what are your views on it?

I think for business owners it’s a life changer. Social media is what has allowed me to create millions of dollars of revenue, a plethora of millionaires, and bless other people’s lives. Honestly for individuals who don’t own a business I don’t think they should be on it much, it’s a waste of time. If I didn’t own a business idk if I would even have social channels. 

And final question: What do you want to be remembered for overall when people look back at you, your new book and your Elite CEOS company?

I want to have an impact so great the world knows about me in some way. I see Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk and I’ve realized I’m playing small. I have so much more to do and become. This has been a great start, but I hope this is just a small part of what I’m remembered for. I want to leave behind a legacy that I’d be proud of.