There is a hot new fashion jewelry line on the market that goes by the name of Coco Lane, and the pieces are truly stunning!

Coco Lane Jewelry prides itself on reflecting the mystery of a woman. A woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, a woman who lets her inner beauty shine through. The line was inspired by the lines of modern architecture, with various pieces showcasing crystals, metals/silvers and different shapes & sizes. Even though it just recently hit the market, Coco Lane has been seen on countless celebs in Hollywood, at New York Fashion Week, and even in the media in both Canada and the United States; It’s everywhere!


The Levity Ball sat down with Danielle Lenchner who is one of the designers behind Coco Lane to get to know why this collection is the talk of the town…

What is your role with Coco Lane Jewelry? 

I work on jewelry concept and design for Coco Lane along with a team of very talented designers. 

How did the name Coco Lane come to be? Anything to do with Coco Chanel?

In the early days while coming up with the concept for Coco Lane, we wanted our name to be edgy yet classic to reflect the feel of our jewelry. Originally our company name was C.O. & Co and we were walking through Hazelton Lanes in Toronto where we were based and somehow put the two together into COCO Lane and it stuck. Unfortunately, there is no connection to Coco Chanel, although we do love her. 

What makes your jewelry collection different?

I’ve always found beauty in simple shapes, and that’s really what we focused on while creating our line. We wanted to incorporate clean lines and modern shapes in a fresh and beautiful way. What really sets us apart is our unique way of balancing & layering geometric elements to create both simple and complex pieces creating an unexpected, but very wearable collection of jewelry.

What current trends for the new season do you see happening in the jewelry world?

We are most excited about the return of the statement earring. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a focus on earrings and just think it feels new and feminine. As always, the statement necklace is going to continue to be an important staple in every wardrobe.

What advice would you give others looking to create your own line?

Be patient, work hard and persevere. Nothing happens overnight- never lose your passion! 

You have been featured on celebs already. Who would be your dream celeb?

Real or fictional? We have a real thing for Olivia’s… Olivia Palermo is our fashion icon. Whether she is dressed up or dressed down, she is the perfect mix of elegant and edgy. Her style really reflects what we at Coco Lane love about fashion.

Fictional- Olivia Pope. She is a strong and powerful woman and embodies all that Coco Lane stands for. We want you to put on a piece of our jewelry and feel like you can accomplish anything… Kind of like our girl Olivia. 

If you weren’t in the jewelry business what would you be doing?

It’s really hard to imagine not working in jewelry, but I would be doing something creative either in fashion or another form of design. 

How can people buy your jewelry?

Visit our website:

What does the future hold for Coco Lane? 

We are so lucky to be working on a collection that we love and truly believe in. We are so excited to continue expanding our collection and see what the future holds.

What is your favorite piece?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose, it would have to be the edge necklace. It’s the perfect everyday necklace paired with a sweater and skinnies. 



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