NBC’s “The Voice” star, Pip, is an artist whose career is taking center stage this summer with a national concert tour, cd release and steady movement as a new star on the rise.

The Voice - Season 4His new single release, “Hooked,” is taking off with a music video debut that has music critics taking note of Pip’s multiple talents as a singer, dancer and artist with mass appeal. Pip’s debuted to American households live on the air as he entered the stage of NBC’s hit series, “The Voice.” His general appeal was unprecedented with fans embracing his warm smile and charisma on camera that followed suit to his display of pure artistry as a soul/pop vocalist on the rise. He is a chameleon in his own way in that he can sing a ballad or a high energy pop song and makes it uniquely his own as seen in his video posts on his official YouTube channel.

A Team Adam Levine favorite, Pip has earned the status of a mainstay in his consistent steady rise as a seasoned professional recording artist. After his run on “The Voice,” Pip landed a custom recording contract and artist’s deal with Indi.com/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution, the powerhouse behind his Vevo debut and global distribution for his new single, “Hooked.”

After making rounds on a multiple city concert tour recently with “The Voice Summer Tour,” Pip is back in Hollywood working on a steady schedule of promoting his new release with the focus and commitment of an artist who is passionate about his music and more importantly maintaining direct contact with his fans grassroots style. From reviewing his music video and listening to his new release, it is clear that Pip has what it takes to establish himself as a solid pop star of today’s music market.